Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011

Feeling a bit better today, but still can’t blow about 175 on my peak flow meter. Just going to do the doves’ cage and maybe clean the sliding glass window today. Then will list books online. I have to get these piles of books off my office floor so I can get to my craft table!

It’s chilly again this morning. Yesterday morning was, too. Only 56F. Supposed to get in the 80s again today, too. Nice weather. Wish I could be outside to enjoy it …

Got the doves done, vacuumed their room, filled all the outside feeders, put the doves out on the porch since it is so nice today. My eyes are itching now … down to 125 on the meter. Not going to get that window done, methinks. So, I’m going to start scanning books.

Shoot. I still need to finish the bullwhip this weekend, so I can get it hung on the wall. But, I still need to get all the books off the floor to get to the wall …

Trying to decide if I want to renew the stupid CostCo membership. It’s $50 and I don’t think it’s worth it at all. But, I know the minute I let it lapse, my mom will want to go there … I have until Oct. to decide.

Still haven’t started scanning books. Just been updating my Google+ stream. Haven’t done that for a few days. I have a list of Sparks I search for interesting stuff to share. Done now, though.

Warm up, Scanner!

Vintage Book - Pele Volcano Goddess of Hawaii - L.R. McBride - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Added another book to my Paperback Swap bookshelf - Games You Can Play With Your Pussy.

I'm giving away: Sunset Guide to California's Wine Country - 1979. Check it out -

Rare Sunset Western Travel Adventures Special, Vol. 2 - 1979 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I need to eat some lunch!! Then, more books and another wine bottle to list.

OK. I am having an odd “lunch” - baby carrots and TJ’s Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip. Never had that before. Just not in the mood for much right now …

Damn. Those carrots are cold! My mom had them in the drawer in the fridge …

I'm giving away: Oil Diffuser . Check it out -

Vintage Jim Beam Sports Series Glen Campbell Decanter 1976 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Well, the dip was good, but still hate carrots …

Martha Stewart Living magazine (1996) - Lot of 6 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I'm giving away: Origins: Superstitions and their Meanings - Reader's Digest. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Enterprise Art Winter 1979-1980. Check it out -

Vintage Dorothy Moore's Pattern Drafting & Dressmaking 1971 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I’m done for the day! So many more to go through!

Had a yummy dinner, but there was too much. Will have the rest for lunch tomorrow. Chicken tamales with TJ’s Premium Select Chicken Chili with Beans. And, goat’s milk.

This is so annoying. I know I set a recipe aside somewhere that needed hulled hemp seeds. I found a source to buy from and now can’t find the recipe! It was either on Twitter or G+, I’m sure. It’s not in my bookmarks, either. Nor saved emails … Guess I won’t buy it, yet … Ooh, ooh! I found it. I was thinking it was something else & thought it was more recent, so I looked up Tracy Russell’s stream on G+. I thought it was one of her recipes. It is apple/hemp seed pudding.
Bought ‘em.

Oh, fantastic! I just figured out an easy way to save the recipes I want to try. Copy/paste to my word processor program!! I started a recipe folder on my desktop. Saves the pic of the food and everything. Yay! I’m going through all my saved & favorited lists on Twitter & Google+ and copy all of them now.

OK, then. Word processor doesn’t want to co-operate. I only got 3 recipes done. Fourth has crashed six times! I am doing them on their own pages, so it’s not like there is a ton of stuff on each one. Try again …

Nobody seems to carry vacuum cleaner bags for vintage swivel-top canisters that are a reasonable price or the right kind. I’m going to have to start making them out of paper grocery bags, I think.

Great. Decided to use my Open Office and it works way better than my Works word processor for the recipes!

That worked great! I will use that program more often.

I can't believe that I can hear the Destruction Derby and its announcer all the way from the Fairgrounds! The fair is over tomorrow. Another year that I didn't go.

Since there is nothing on TV, I'm going to watch the episode of Suits that Anthony Starke was in on Hulu. So, I'm closing up shop now.

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