Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Just got home and started trying to catch up on email and such. I am sooo tired. Started having trouble breathing on the drive home. Did too much today. Got 3 stores done in Sacramento & stopped at Whole Foods for goat milk and eggs.

I won a bottle of feverfew capsules from eBay while I was working. Does eBay not send winner emails any more. They did years ago, if I remember correctly. I need to check my settings there, I guess. Paid at least $3 less for it than they sell the same at Whole Foods, even with shipping. So, that is good. Anyway, my feverfew plant died, so I am getting these. I am going to bid on some seeds and try to grow another plant.

I'm starving. I had a yogurt and a nut bar when I got home. But, it wasn't enough. Waiting for dinner. It smells good.

Still waiting for food …
I'm not positive, but I think my car insurance went down a lot. At least $10/month if I calculated right. Just got the renewal thingie. I'll find out for sure when I get the next bill.

I. Am. Stuffed. That was good. Chicken marinated with cranberries and olives, and egg noodles. Could only eat half; will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

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