Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011


Quick day of work. Surprised. Got 2 stores done here in Woodland. Got home and had to operate on one of the goldfish – the red cap oranda. Had 2 large anchorworms. Didn't make it … :( Wish I had noticed sooner.) I can usually save them from those. Medicating the tank now, so hopefully the shubunkin will make it. I see no signs of worms on him, yet.

Bad air day alert.

Watching the interesting coverage about the DC earthquake. They are so lucky there wasn't more damage.

Amazing news coming out of Tripoli. Wonder where old Khadaffi is hiding …


Had a power surge a few minutes ago. Power was out for about 30 seconds. It's only 94F … yeah, only … but that is unusual for around here. Wondering if a transformer nearby is trying to go out. Sure was noisy.

Power is out completely now. Neighbor thinks someone hit a power pole. Have to open the doors and a couple of windows. It is already getting hot in here. Wireless still won't work on my laptop. Need to find out how much it might cost to fix that … I don't want to take it apart myself …

Power back on. Neighbor thinks someone hit a pole down the street.

Looks like Misha Collins is not letting the loss of his role of Castiel keep him down for long!
@mishacollins Misha Collins
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