Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

Well, apparently the power was out for an hour or so before I got up. My mom said it had just come back on when I got up at 7.
The power surges were too much for my biggest filter on the biggest fish tank. Burned the motor out. And, I won't have money to get another until tomorrow … unless I pull some out of my savings … hmmm. Might do that. If I don't, I'll have 8 more dead fish … and 7 of them I've had since we got the tank.

I just won a HomeoPet WrmClear dewormer on eBay!!

OK. I am going to pull money out of one of the savings and go to WalMart this morning and get new filter unit for the big tank and new filter refills for the hex tank.

Why did I stay home from work again? My mom is driving me nuts!! Got the new filter pump going and the tank glass cleaned. All the fishies are happy now. I bought a new surge protector, too. The other one I'd had since Florida, I think … I got new filters for my air purifier in my bedroom, too.

Another bad air day …

I hope I make enough money tomorrow to put the cash back in the savings that I took out today. I took out $60, but only used $40. But, I have to fill the gas tank and get a few groceries, too … never-ending …

It's already time for lunch! I don't know what to eat …

Soy Butter & jelly sandwich wins.

I should be doing something since I stayed home today. I should spackle in the bathroom. I'll never get that room done …

I also should be making the handkerchiefs that I should have mailed today!!!! Damn!

OK. Found the tiny cross-stitch I will put on the hankies. It's a tiny ladybug. It won't be a typical red ladybug, though. I don't think that will look so good on fabric I'm using, which is from my favorite old shirt that wore out this week. That is the swap – using an old shirt to make the hankies. Then adding a design in one corner with cross-stitch.
Just finished the handkerchiefs … will take pics in the morning before I package them up. Took about 1.5 hours to make them. I did end up making the ladybugs red & black ...

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