Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27, 2011

And, so it begins. My mom screaming at Ezra because she dropped her egg sandwich. It doesn't matter that she was carrying too many things and the kitten always wants to see what she has … Nikky got a scrambled egg treat out of it …
Good morning, Migraine. I knew you'd be back … ugh.

Time to start a load of laundry. Then get the doves out and clean their cage so they can go sit on the porch for a few hours before it gets too hot out there.

Doves are out on the porch. Bird room floor is vacuumed. Hummers have fresh syrup. Laundry is in the dryer. I'm resting!!

The migraine is better today, but still lingering like it may spike back up if provoked.

Going to vacuum my room and shake out my bathroom rugs.

Got my room done and put up the big ironing board in there under the window. Now I can finally start ironing my shirts!! I hated not being able to iron in privacy (no cats to jump on the board or grab the cord.) So haven't done it in years, other than material for crafts which I iron on the mini table-top board.

Now, I'm waiting for my mom to find the big curtains she wants me to put up in the bird room and take down the crappy blinds that the cat keeps messing with (makes them rattle at night …)

Bad air alert …

I am so not happy with having those old curtains up!!! We don't have a traverse rod, so I had to hang them on the blinds slider rod. They don't slide well, so can't open them all the way.. I can't get a new rod until next month … But, I also cleaned the inside of the sliding doors. Will clean the outside tomorrow.


I want to listen to the news or the Weather Channel, but I'm stuck listening to another crappy Texas Ranger marathon. Hated that show!!!

Need to make another batch of sun tea when I'm done eating my hot dog and chips …

Didn't get to the mailbox this morning. So, will walk there with Nikky in the morning.

That's odd. I thought I was following the Weather Channel on Twitter. Just discovered I'm not!! But, I am now … or again … or something!

Got a shirt ironed for tomorrow!! And, ironed an old silk scarf I've had since I was about 7. It is from Alaska and has a wolf airbrushed in one corner. Going to hang it over my curtain rod tomorrow after I wash the curtains.

I've been going through older entries in my blog and realized something. I haven't been sharing quotes here! And, it's in the title! So, will have to start doing that again!!

I'm missing live coverage of this huge storm all damn day while my mom has Texas Ranger crap on ALL DAY!! Wish she would go to bed …

Finally watching FoxNews. Amazing all the logistical stuff they have to do to shut down all the transit in NY. Took them 11 hours.
Have a full-on headache right now … not a migraine anymore, though …

Going to bed to watch the news for a bit. Hope my head relaxes so I can get some sleep.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)

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