Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

Have so much to do before I leave for work this morning. I need to get all the Listia winnings packaged to mail. And, I have 2 stats I want to make. I made some artwork last night from a pic of Eric Close. It was a promo for his short-lived Chaos series.

It’s a modern Vin Tanner!! Where are the rest of the Seven! I need to make a series of stats, I think … hmmm. I do already have an Ezra Standish stat I made a couple years ago …

Today was a VERY quick work day! The first WM store was an incomplete as they had an old display that the new graphics did not go to and the second had already put up the graphics. So, the WM are serviced for another year or whenever they want something from us, I guess. We don’t do regular service on our displays in those stores as their people usually do it.
Then, I stopped at the Social Services to ask a question about these forms I have to fill out for my mom to keep getting Medi-Cal. That only took a few minutes. Need to mail the forms tomorrow.

Need food now.

I need to make Nikky more ‘icee’ treats. She only has 2 little cheese/broth bones left. She loves them! Need to buy more cheese tomorrow.

I used up all my cone incense. Have to start on all my sticks. I don’t like them as well, but need to use them up!! I have strawberry and some others.

Dinner! Pork short ribs on the rotisserie and some white rice. Simple, but good.

I’ve decided to put a CD or DVD file on my jump drive each day to burn on my desktop in my room at night since it has the burning programs I prefer to use. The ones I couldn’t get to work on this computer for some reason. Power2Go Express is my favorite.

I’ve started watching Jon Stewart’s Daily show. I used to watch it years ago, but not regularly and still occasionally watch clips online. But, I am watching it on TV now. I have watched a couple of eps of the Colbert Report which follows it and don’t really like it as well.

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.” - David Rossi, Criminal Minds

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