Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011

What a busy morning! Took my mom to a dr. appt. at 7:45am; dropped her off so I could pick up a couple of donuts at BelAir and check to see if my new bank had my new ATM card there. They weren’t even open yet! Drove back to see if my mom was done and she was out on the sidewalk waiting for me! They had changed her appt. to 8/16 without even the courtesy of calling!!!!! So, she was waiting for me the whole time! Then, we drove to Davis to Trader Joe’s & spent too much money. Came back to Woodland and stopped at BelAir to pick up a few things that TJ’s doesn’t carry and did get my ATM card as the bank was open by then. Spent more money … Just got home and put everything away and now eating a yummy lunch of TJ’s Country Italian Salad. So good!

Bad stuff in the mail … it is time for the home insurance for the year. I think it went way up since last year. Will have to check my files. Will have to pay it in 4 monthly installments. I did get a sample packet of Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil soft gels, though. So, that was good. Came with a $2 coupon, too!

Cool. The yellow vintage earrings were chosen for a hand-picked list on Bonanza (they were picked for a collection last week.) Now if someone would just buy the damn things!

Burned Glee’s Meet The Warblers to CD last night. Listened to it in the car. Love Chris Colfer singing “Blackbird.” Love his voice.

Will burn another Glee album tonight. Trying to decide which it will be. I have six more to burn! And, that’s just the ones I’ve downloaded. I think there are others!

While we were gone, Ezra got on my desk (again) and chewed the end off of my stick incense! Brat.

Catching up on surveys now.

Really should be doing something … Will have to go to my old bank in the morning and put some cash in to cover the car ins. when it is taken next week. I made sure to save $12 back for Ezra’s rabies shot tomorrow afternoon. I dread doing that, as it will be so hot by then. And, he’ll be in the crate with his brother … Luckily, it doesn’t take long and the pet shop is around the corner, so it will be a quick trip. I do want to check the harnesses there, too. I can use one of the CC for that, if I find one that will fit him.

I guess I will clip nails and then give baths before I put it off any more …

Baths are done. Water mess around the kitchen sink cleaned up. They were both very good. It was Ezzie’s first bath. He wasn’t sure what was going on. His feet are huge. Glad he is getting neutered next week. Maybe he won’t grow into them! He’ll be too heavy for me to give him a bath in the sink if he does! Lots of pics taken after the bath & they were nearly dry. Damn camera eats batteries! Had to find more before I could take the pics.
Here’s a couple:

WTF did Picasa do to my photo albums!! All the pics are totally mixed and not in order any more!! I want to scream. And, the new pics I just added are mixed in randomly! I tried to sort it by oldest first or newest first and it just mixes them up more! Crap.
Anyway, here they are …

Trying to figure out how to get Windows Media Player to override GOM Player as the default player. Don’t know why GOM took over a while back … just can’t remember how to do that right now without removing GOM entirely …

Had a TJ’s Bean & Rice Burrito for dinner. Not bad. Will have the other one with the rest of the salad I had earlier for lunch tomorrow.
I am nearly out of room on this computer. Only about 3GB left out of 147 … and not enough room on my external HD to move much. So, I am moving most of the music files to the desktop in my room to burn them during the next week. And, need to try to start watching all the movies, etc. on here to see which of those I want to keep and burn. So much to do in a short time. I want to clear at least 50GB this weekend, if I can.

Well, I’ve gotten it up to 10GB available … 40 to go! I’m going to have to take the external HD to my room and transfer some of the movies I can’t fit on the jump drives. Will do that tonight. That should make quite a bit of room on there so I can move the rest of the movies off of this laptop … What a chore. I won’t let things get so backed up in the future! I have a ton of movies and TV shows on the external HD that is hooked up to the TV, too …

Yay! 20GB of room! 30 more to go, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Time for the Daily Show.

I’ve decided to buy another cable modem for the computer in my bedroom. The wireless doesn’t always work well. I have a wireless G router. I really need a wireless N which would have more signal strength. But, I think I will get another modem first. Hopefully, I can get the same as the one I am using in here (my office/living room.)

Tried a red banana after dinner. Ummm. Yuck. Glad we only got a tiny bunch. I’ll use the rest as smoothie base.

Having some organic banana chips now, though. I really don’t like bananas as a rule, but I need to eat them for the nutrition of them. So, I try different things with them. So far, the best is as a smoothie base …

Going to watch License To Kill that I have had on the computer for a while. I don’t think I have ever seen it, but Anthony Starke was in it ten years before Mag7 and I am slowly collecting everything he was ever in.

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