Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011

OMG! Licence to Kill is a horrible, horrible movie. THE ONLY bright spot really was little Truman Lodge (Anthony Starke)!! I turned it off when he was killed. It took nearly half the movie for him to even appear … I was so bored by then, that I really perked up. He was soooo cute and young … of course, he’s still cute!

Also got a Glee CD burned last night. Will share it with you all later today.

Just took Nikky out. We have a new hummer visiting our feeder. A young female (she’s slightly smaller than the usual female that visits.) Saw her yesterday afternoon for the first time. She’s very brave. Didn’t even move from the perch when Nikky stormed off the deck to potty.

Sucks about so many members of Seal Team 6 being killed today (and any others that get killed in the so-called ‘wars‘ we are in.) Such a waste.

Went to the PO and bank this morning. Then ran in to the Dollar Tree and got a bottle of bubbles to play with Nikky & Ezra later. Came home and cleaned the doves’ cage and let them fly a bit. Vacuumed that room. So many feathers and bird seed on the floor. They are out on the porch right now getting some ‘fresh’ air and sunshine.

Time to eat.

Gah. Where has the day gone! Have to leave in 2 hours for the shots clinic.

Played bubbles with Ezra. He had a blast and is still meowing and hunting for them! Nikky wasn’t thrilled and hid behind my back! Will play again tomorrow and hope to take pics.

I looked up the care of bullwhips as I inherited one with all of Jeanne’s stuff. Why she had it, I have no idea. I want to hang it on my office wall with all my other Western/Native American stuff. But, it is old and dry and I want to straighten it out without cracking the leather. So, I need to get some cream leather dressing to soften it.

I just ordered a small canister of Pecard Antique Leather Dressing from the company website. Should be enough to do the whole whip with some left over.

Decisions, decisions. Do I want to burn Licence to Kill or not. Crappy movie, but I may want to make some screenshots in the future of Anthony Starke to make artwork … Hmmmm. I want to move it from the laptop to the external HD and it refuses. Not sure why. Might try to burn it to a DVD-RW as a temp fix. If it will burn. Will try tomorrow. Have to get ready to leave now. Putting ice packs under the bedding in the crate to keep Ezra and Bruno somewhat cool.

Whew! Just got home from the clinic. Both boys were very good for their shots. And, Levi came along for the ride and tried to make friends with a very unusual-looking red dapple dachshund behind us. Ezra will have another bath tomorrow to get the smoke smell off of him from being at Steve’s and being in the crate with Bruno. Stinky.
Next Friday is neuter day!!

Pet Factory didn’t have any ferret harnesses, so may take Ezra for a ride tomorrow to Pet Extreme.

Just finished watching A Boy & His Dog. Haven’t seen it for years. Don Johnson sure was a cutie. I don’t think I will keep this one, but I will share it tomorrow.

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