Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011

Feel like I’m in slow-motion today. But, getting ready to go to the pet shop with Ezra to hopefully get him a comfortable harness small enough that he can’t get out of it. Might get a couple of fish, too. Will take Nikky along for the ride.

Got everything I wanted at Pet Extreme. Although, they didn’t have any ferret vest harnesses like I wanted, I did find a XXS dog harness that works for Ezra until he is full grown and I can use the harnesses I already have. It is black with flames and has a little black rubber piece that holds the leash clip. He is wearing it now and flopping around the house crying until he gets used to it. Got Nikky a new red vest harness. Got a gorgeous purple male betta and 2 goldfish (a red cap oranda and a very pretty shubunkin.) The fish are adjusting to their tank temps before we release them into their new tanks. And, my mom didn’t find any cat toys she wanted to get for Ezzie.

Just made fresh watermelon lemonaid from this simple recipe:
It turned out really good. I used about a half tablespoon of agave. It made enough to fill 2-12 oz. mugs. Having a mix of pine nuts, cashews, raisins and banana chips, too.

Damn. Can’t believe I missed out on 2 good Listia auctions while making lemonade. They both ended before I did my last-second bid that I usually do …

Took pics of the new fish and the old earlier. The betta is actually a deep purple with an almost black head, but the lighting makes him look dark blue.

I still have 3 other fish tanks to fill. They all need filters and one needs a lid/light fixture. They will get filled with water soon, but it will be a while before they are outfitted and ready for fish. I think my mom wants to make one of them a terrarium, though.

I need a new USB hub. Mine keeps acting up.

Pine nuts are sooo good.

Tomorrow, I am going to make a strawberry lemonade recipe I found.

For dinner, I am making a yummy-looking tomato/mozzarella quesadilla with basil salad. I’ve been wanting to make it for a while. Saved the recipe sometime back.

I just realized I did not take an allergy pill this morning, or even any astragalus! Doing pretty good, too. I even blew bubbles for Ezra for a few minutes to distract him from his evil harness.

Can’t believe my mom said Neil Patrick Harris is still cute! There was a commercial for his series on a bit ago. He’ll always be little Doogie Howser!

I have two new swaps up on my Swap-Bot group. One is emailing a pet treat recipe your pet loves and the other is to make 2 hotpads with animal-patterned fabric. Check them out!
QuinGem's Precious Menagerie Swaps

5:30 pm
I am stuffed. The next time I make this recipe, I will half it. Having the rest for lunch tomorrow. The quesadillas were yummy, the salad - not so much. I am not used to eating fresh basil. Clipped it off our own plant, too. I guess it is an acquired taste.

Ezra just noticed the goldfish. My mom put a chair next to the tank. By the time I got the camera, he was bored and jumped down! Hope I can get a pic tomorrow!

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