Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Got a load of laundry going. Vacuumed the bird room. Started filling the 10-gallon rectangle tank. Got some cute pics of Ezra stalking the fish.

Outside time is done. Tied up the biggest lavender bush that had gotten top-heavy. Moved the 3 big bins of tomato plants from behind the trailer into Jorgy’s yard along the fence. They weren’t doing that good where they were and we weren’t keeping a good eye on them every day like we should. Now, we can. And they are getting more sun, too.

Took Ezra outside on the leash for a few minutes. Scary stuff. Will take pics tomorrow. Forgot to take the camera out with us today. He liked the sunshine and sniffing flowers, but not sure of the steps or the dirt.

Need to go through a couple of bins in my closet. Need to find a part to my desktop speakers …

Well, I couldn’t find them. I was looking for the metal stands for the old speakers to sit on the desk. I just have them laying on their sides right now … Will have to rig something else if I can’t find them.

Trying to upload movies to 4Shared and Pando at the same time is taking FOREVER!

Just realized September seems to be one of my peak months for bills. The house insurance, my website, Pando and MagicJack all come due at once! Ugh.

Huh. I didn’t hear a thing and this is just down the street from me …

3 Die In Fiery Five-Vehicle Crash On I-5: Five vehicles were involved in a deadly crash on I-5 in Yolo County, o...

Just found a box of kitchen gadgets that my mom had put out for the garbage!! She can really piss me off sometimes. I can sell this stuff or put it on Listia. Or, take it to GoodWill at the least … Nothing wrong with any of it … grrr.

Cleaned under my bathroom cabinet and scrubbed the sink. Thing is impossible to clean. Vacuumed the floor, too.

My eyes have been itching all day. Damn allergies.

KCRA3 chopper is still hovering overhead filming the wreckage from that fiery crash from earlier. Odd that I never heard sirens or explosions or anything like that. The back-up on the freeway is about 2 miles long from what they are reporting.

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