Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011

Getting ready to go to the Farmer's Market and Borders this morning. Already 70F. Hope we get done early before I melt.

Going to make some artwork and a stat of some old pictures from Life magazine of a nekkid Pat Boone later.

I've decided that the only way I am going to be able to get a 3-wheel bike is through WalMart with BillMeLater. I'm going to wait until December since right now I have the home insurance and some other yearly bills coming due this month. But, by Spring I will have one.

I am waaay broke again! Just got home from the Farmer's Market & Borders. At the market we got the 2 dozen eggs I ordered last week, then got some lemon cucumbers, peaches, plums, grapes, pears, figs, and 2 plants – parsley and oregano to add to our indoor herbs. Then we went to Borders. They had a lot more books left than I expected! I got Chaz Bono's Transition book! And, a Dresden Files graphic novel Storm Front, Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs, Clean Home Green Home, and 2 cardmaking books – World of Cards and one on Embroider on Paper which I have been wanting to do. My mom found 14 romance books! So, I am happy with what we found. Spent about $13 more than I planned on books, so I need to transfer some money around now.

Just had a soy butter and jelly sandwich. Used the last of my soy butter. Doubt I will buy soy butter again unless I can find a source that uses non-GMO soy … will stick with nut butters (pecan!!) and I hope to start making my own soon!!

Finally! I went through the last of Jeanne's clothes that have been on the loveseat in the bird room for over a month! I just kept a few of the nicer things to sell online. The rest is now in the car to be taken to Goodwill when I go out again next week. I also kept a bunch of nice purses to sell. A few things still had tags! There are still a LOT of clothes in the storage inside of the big wooden wardrobes. Hopefully the guys will feel like finishing the emptying before the damp weather starts up again.

Just finished making some artwork of Pat Boone. The images are from Life Magazine's Archives and I don't think they were ever published. He was good-looking in his day. Too bad he's such a nut now! Made this into an IM stat, too.
So many days in a row with bad air alerts is so depressing … and it is so hot. I hate taking Nikky out in that heat, even for a few minutes. It is 96F right now.

Dinner was good. A small salad and butternut squash soup with pasta in it. And, grapes we bought today for dessert. They are VERY sweet. Not like the grapes in the store!
I decided that tomorrow I am finally going to take the juicer apart and clean it and make sure it is all still in good shape from being in storage so long. Can't wait to start using it again!
I'm also going to finally move the chain and electric cord to the ceiling fan in the bird room so that it will reach the socket attached to the wall switch. Will be much easier than climbing over the loveseat to turn it off and on!

I've started reading both Chaz' bio and Clean Home Green Home. I'm going to start doing everything in this book page-by-page. Lots of good green ideas.

I just cut 4 sprigs of lavender and put in a vase on the table. It is a test. I've never been able to have cut flowers indoors due to my allergies. Going to try these.

Hmmm. Five minutes in and I feel like I need to sneeze. Hope it's not the lavender. They are about 10 feet away from me. Will wait and see.

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