Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

Can't believe how much the temps are supposed to drop today. It's only supposed to get to 84F today!! Love it!!!

Did you fly your flag today? I just put mine out at half-staff. We have a slight breeze. Oh, and that bouganvillea is actually blooming. Will take pics of that tomorrow. It has pale, almost transluscent flowers.

It's so nice out today. Going to go out and read in a while. I just got finished with the doves' cage and letting them fly around and get behind things I can hardly get to! Little brats. ;) Vacuumed that room and rearranged some of the storage bins. Found all my expensive Cocker Spaniel books, so will take them in my room and put on shelves in a bit. Need to rest! Just gave Nikky a dove egg. She likes! I hated just throwing them away! She did not like the shell, though. Need to pick that up and put in one of the planters outside.

Just harvested 2 more tomatoes. The other 2 I thought would be ready today weren't quite red enough for my liking. Maybe tomorrow.

Amazingly, there is no sun out to make a new batch of sun tea! Overcast skies are keeping it cool, though!

What's for lunch!? I have no idea …
Just got the third load of laundry going. Have the juicer partly taken apart. I need to find the paperwork that came with it and my Juicing book.

Waaah! Had to toss the juicer … motor was froze up … suuuucks. So, that is next on my list to get after I pay off the dehydrator. A new juicer …
So, I'm having an almond butter and jelly sandwich …

Have to help my mom as she wants to put the soaker hose back on the brick planter … don't know why. She complained about it last year because it doesn't spray like our old one did … but they don't make them like our old one anymore …

Got 4 loads of laundry done today. Must make sun tea tomorrow! Just came in from reading a chapter of Chaz Bono's book out on the deck. It warmed up a bit, so I turned the air on when I came inside.

OMG! Have you heard about Husbands, The Series. It is a new web series that starts on Tuesday. Check it out! I hope I remember to watch it. Might be funny!

I went through some more stuff today and found my collection of Cocker Spaniel history books!! These were very high dollar books when I got them from the ACS Club. They are nearly mint condition. I also found my vintage Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens! I thought it was left behind in Florida with a bunch of my other vintage books!!!

I forgot to take pics of our yummy fruit yesterday that we got from the Farmer's Market. (The watermelon and bananas are from Trader Joe's, though.) We've already eaten most of the grapes!
And, the lavender doesn't seem to be bothering me that I brought in yesterday! After the initial feeling of wanting to sneeze, all's good! So, I'm going to keep having some in here!

I downloaded season 6 of Criminal Minds yesterday. I need to go through the eps and make sure they are good and then burn them … eventually. I am so behind in burning stuff …

Whooo! I have this nasal spray called Allergy Buster. It is a capsaicin and nettle-based spray. Wow! It can burn a bit at first! But, it works good. I use it in the afternoon. In the morning I use an olive leaf nasal spray. Plus, I take an astragalus root capsule each day. I haven't taken an allergy pill in over 2 weeks!

Ezra is getting too big. He's not a fluffy kitten anymore. He's a sleek teenager. And, nearly as big as Nikky already!

Waiting for John Barrowman to be on the British QVC online. His segment is late! This channel is so boring! Damn. I have to go core an apple now for dessert, so I'll probably miss it.

Gave Nikky the apple core. She's not sure what to do with it yet! Still waiting on JB on QVC … We are having spaghetti for dinner.

Nikky ate her apple! Going to give her a baby carrot tomorrow.

Hmmm … maybe I got the time wrong for when JB is on there. British time mixes me up …

I am sooo stuffed. That spaghetti was yummy!

JB will be on in about 5 minutes. He's tweeting the times now!

John's new product line looks interesting. I'm not into that kind of stuff, though. He's looking good, as usual!

I want to get the Trader Joe's cookbooks! Going to see if any are on eBay.

Darn. Too expensive for me right now. There are quite a few on eBay and Amazon. They will have to wait a while …

OK. I couldn't pass it up! I just bid on a Jack LaLanne juicer on eBay. I have some money left in my PayPal. The auction ends tomorrow night. So, if anyone outbids what I have bid by then, I will miss out. I am not going to go higher on it.

Have to clean my bike tomorrow and air the tires up if they need it. My mom is out of milk (oh, catastrophe!) so I need to run to the store in the morning & I don't want to use the car just for that.

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