Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

I'm up … don't wanna be! My mom has an appt. at 9 this morning. Then I drop her back home and go to Sacramento to get 2 stores done … ugh.

WooHoo! I'm going to Whole Foods again today. My Living Social voucher is ready to print. I paid $10 for the deal yesterday and I can use it to buy $20 worth of stuff! Cool! More food!

Just got home. It is hot in here. All doors and windows are closed and the air is not on! WTF?

Bad air day.

I was a little disappointed at Whole Foods. They don't have nut milk bags or anything that would work as one. I'll have to check at the Food Co-op next week when I go to Davis again. If they don't have them, I'll have to search online.

We're having homemade chili beans. My mom hasn't made that in ages. Using the crockpot.

I think Twitter is down … can't get my homepage to refresh and can't tweet any articles … not getting a 'fail whale' or anything …

Finally! Twitter is back up!

Just came in from cleaning the dog yard, harvesting 2 more tomatoes and refilling the hummingbird feeder.

I got a great book through Paperback Swap in yesterday's mail. Tomcat Jones by Willa Okati. It has a fun premise. A guy who shapeshifts into a cat and ends up falling for a wizard and is his familiar! Can't wait to start reading it after I'm done with Chaz Bono's book.

Just joined Klout to see how much influence I have. Ha! 32. Not much, obviously!

My eye is itching. Has been all day. Made me nervous while I was driving. Feels like something in it, but rinsed it and still feels like a lash or piece of dirt or something.

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