Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011

Got home a couple hours ago. Just been going through emails and reading articles, tweeting, etc. I just finished making watermelon 'gatorade'. It's not bad. I milked a coconut for the first time! Well, I cut the top off, poured the coconut water in the blender and scraped out the coconut meat to use later. It is in a jar in the fridge right now. Then I cut half a watermelon (Nikky is eating a chunk of rind – sorry no pics as she inhaled it!) and cut in chunks. Put that and 4 frozen strawberries in and blended. Yum! My mom doesn't like it …

Yay! My dehydrator has arrived! I just got the email from WalMart to pick it up! Going now.

Just got done repairing the kitchen sink sprayer. I had stopped at Home Depot after I got my dehydrator and got a new spray nozzle. Well, the darn thing didn't fit the ancient hose fitting! So, I am drying it out and going to return it. So, I fiddled with the old one for a while and got the handle to pop back on. Don't know how long it will hold …

I can't wait to start playing with my dehydrator tomorrow. I have ingredients ready for a couple of recipes!

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