Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17, 2011

Just got back from taking Nikky for a walk to the mailbox. Going to rest a bit before going out to drain the water heater and flush it out … finally! There is so much sediment that the hot water pressure has gone way down. And, I need to wait until my mom is finished washing dishes to do it …

Got the water heater done and re-lit (I HATE gas water heaters!!!) Wish I had the money to get an electric one … but this one is only 2 years old. It was installed the month before we bought the place. So, it has many years of use ahead of it. I retaped the blanket around it with duct tape. The tape that came with it, the glue had all melted and the blanket had slipped down. All's good, now.

Have to rest before I make lunch. Going to have a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich. Then, I'm going to make some stuff and figure out my new dehydrator and make some stuff in it!

Oh, have to watch BlytheRawLive at noon!! Making my sandwich now!

I HATE the traverse rod. It's a piece of shit! I can't wait to replace it totally. But, my mom insists on having those ugly gold curtains up. So, I take it down and put in the extra sliders I bought so all the panels could hang. It's too heavy now for the cheap piece of shit. Pull on the cord and one side totally separated from the bracket. So, I put in extra bolts (luckily had the right size). The middle sags from the weight of the curtains, so it doesn't open and close smoothly. I'm over it … I've been working on that dame thing over an hour.

So much for cooking anything today. I'm too hot. It's a beautiful 78F outside, but I had to turn the air on in here!

Read the booklet that came with the dehydrator. There are some good pet treats in it!
Steve emailed and asked if I can clip Bruno's nails tomorrow. Going to ride my bike over and see if he can get my handlebars tight. They keep slipping.

Well, I forgot to post this blog last night, so I'm continuing it today …
Went to bed after 11 as I was reading some good fanfic. I actually didn't wake up until 8 this morning! That is extremely rare for me!!

Having Brown Cow cream top Maple yogurt with organic granola mixed in for breakfast. Will be going to Steve's after I am done.

My day is nearly shot already. Just got home from Steve's. Bruno is sooooo different from Ezra now. He's short and stocky and even his tail is shorter. And, he is long-haired!! And, MEAN! Steve had to hunt for him when I got there. Took more than 15 minutes to find him. Levi is 12 today. I clipped his nails, too. Steve fixed part of my handlebars, but Curtis has his hex wrenches, so he couldn't do part of it. I think I have the right one somewhere, so will try to find it and go back there another day.

Well, my cooking plans aren't going as planned. I have the coconut in the dehydrator. It will be done at about 9pm. Will be drying basil leaves in the morning and probably some lavender. That is at a different temp than the coconut and takes less time. But, I forgot to germinate some almonds overnight, so have them soaking in a sprout jar now. I need them for the soup I want to make. So that will be tomorrow's dinner and not tonight. Looking for a smoothie recipe to make for lunch right now.

OK. I made this for lunch: Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe I had to alter it slightly as I added too much spinach. So, I added 1 small Medjool date to cut the bitterness. Much better! It was the first time I'd made a green smoothie!

I need more sprout lids for my Bell jars. I only have one …

Just found a great article on germinating nuts and seeds and it is actually about feeding monkeys! But, it definitely applies to food for humans! I just bought cheese cloth the other day, so I can use that to top the Bell jars to germinate some more nuts for a spiced nut recipe I want to make tomorrow.

Going to read a chapter of Tomcat Jones on the deck now. When I come in, I need to shell more pecans.

Going to watch last week's online ep of the Anthony Anderson show with Daniel Vitalis as the guest in a little while.

Oh, I really recommend that vid. It was great!

Having leftovers for dinner. Coconut chicken and mac 'n' cheese and sliced kiwifruit.

Here's a must-have book if you want to learn about real whole foods and good nutrition in an easy-to-read format. There are some great recipes in it, too.

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