Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011

Just refilled the hummingbird feeder. There were 2 of them waiting and chittering when I took Nikky out. Hungry little things. They've been eating for 5 minutes now! They actually sat on the chain link fence watching me until I hung it up.

Just got home in time to watch BlytheRawLIVE!!

Bad air day!

Finally got nearly all of the crappy wallpaper and contact paper off of the walls. There's just 2 small sections that I have to soak to loosen the glue so I don't damage the paneling. Will do that tomorrow and clean out the cabinets under the sink.

Yay! I mentioned recently that I thought my car insurance went down. It did. Instead of $68/month, it is now $56/month. I need to go to their office and check on how much more I can cut it since I drive so little these days and plan to drive even less in the future.

Need to find a recipe for cucumbers. I have 3 that I need to use up before they go bad.

Got all of my surveys caught up finally. Had about 30 to do. Many were expired. But, I still made a few bucks. May cash out on one of the sites again tomorrow.

Guess I should catch up on emails at my groups tomorrow … I'm probably going to stop being mod at IGR this week and drop 2 groups I am just a member of. That should help me get back in the mood for my own groups. I'm only in 11 groups right now …

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