Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011

It's nice and cloudy this morning. It's only 70F right now, but I feel hot. Might have a fever. Trying not to have a migraine. Just took a feverfew capsule. Have soooo much to do today in the kitchen. Plus, need to clean the doves' cage and walk Nikky to the pet shop for some food.

My day is already not going as planned. I don't do anything before 9 that resembles work & she KNOWS this. I've already had to go out and help lay the new soaker hose out. I'm already hot and need to rest before I do anything that I had planned. NOT happy. Won't be walking to the mailbox or the pet shop today or I won't get the other stuff done.

Birds are done. Nikky was not happy being on the deck, watching them through the screen. But, she only jumped at the screen twice when they all wandered too close. I want her to learn to be around them without trying to 'get' them.

Figured an easier way to get the wallpaper glue off of the paneling. Removal is progressing. But, after lunch, I will be removing vinyl flooring from the shelves under the sink. Stapled on … This kitchen is just a weird hodge-podge of things in places they shouldn't be. The worst is the wallpaper. Whoever thought of covering wood paneling with wallpaper and contact paper should be shot! Sticky mess. Wood is ruined in a few places and will have to be replaced. Some of it (behind the sink) is really bad. Going to find a nice mosaic tile to put there, though.

Leftover hot wings for lunch again. Last batch.

Got about half of the kitchen done. Wallpaper off. Half of shelf liners stripped. Vinyl stripped off shelves. Half of cabinets and doors and drawers cleaned. Tomorrow I start on the kitchen island cabinets and drawers. Fun … Hopefully, by next week I'll have the stupid drop ceiling pulled down. My mom wants to leave the wall frame, but the grid and plastic ceiling tiles are going. Next year the flourescent fixtures will be replaced. And, the tops of the cabinets will get wooden covers so they can be used as display shelves. Right now the ceiling grid sits on top of them, so they can't be used.
I really hadn't planned on working on the kitchen until my bathroom is done. But, that is delayed as usual.
But, WooHoo! I convinced my mom to get rid of all the plastic containers!! NO more Tupperware, Rubbermaid and other odds and ends cluttering my cupboards! Room for more Pyrex and Bell jars!

Been feeling sick the past few days. Started Thursday morning. I've been doing too much. My stomach is a mess.

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