Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

Finally got the last bit of wallpaper off. Have 1 small section of glue I need to get off still. Scrubbed the countertop appliances. Found a place for the vintage Sunbeam mixers in the laundryroom cabinet (for now.) Got the last of the drawers scrubbed and nailed together and put back where they belong. Got the 3 cutting boards scrubbed and back where they belong. After lunch will start on the kitchen island upper cabinets …
Here you can see the funky '70s paneling and also some of the damage to it from the wallpaper paste.

Well, I didn't get the cabinets done. I'm crashing. I've done too much this week. My stomach is really bothering me. And, I just can't do anymore. And, I have another busy work week and a dr. appt. to take my mom to next week.

We had a bit of rain! Lasted almost an hour; a drizzle. It's so nice out. Only 70F. My kind of weather!!
Just dropped 2 of my groups! Down to 9, now. There are a couple of others I am still debating about …

I did it! I just sent a note to Brad about stepping down as mod of IGR.

Did I mention I got the Melt & Pour Soapmaking book from Paperback swap the other day? Well, I did! I really want to learn to do this. I need to find a good source of coconut base or else a recipe to make it!

It was such a nice day! First day in ages that I didn't turn the air on. I think it only got to 72F today.

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