Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Can't believe I just woke up. An hour later than usual. Good I'm not working today. Feel awful. Hope to not do anything but read fanfic today.

Well, I changed my mind and did the upper cabinets on the kitchen island. They were pretty easy. Just need to put everything back in them now. Mostly cookbooks and some spices.

My mom dropped the electric mini chopper in the dishwater. Now I have to make sure it gets completely dry before I test it out and see if the wiring got ruined …

Just renewed my MagicJack for a year. I wanted to renew for five years, but didn't have enough cash … Maybe next month I can extend it … we'll see.
Waiting for my lunch to warm up. Leftover Spanish rice from last night's dinner.

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