Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4, 2011

Just haven't felt like writing anything or playing in the groups at all the past couple of days.
Had a major problem with my Incredimail email program. I finally had to give up on my older version of IMXe and install the newer IM2. Hate it. But, I'm stuck with it now. At least my stats still work in it.

My mom is already giving me a headache this morning … like I haven't felt crappy enough this week.

I have so much I have to get done today and she keeps adding things to my list. So, I doubt I will get to everything today and still have time to list anything online! Need to walk to the mailbox with Nikky, get the doves done, do laundry, shell almonds and pecans, take 3 screens down and clean them and get the windows behind them clean, clean the furnace/AC filter, drain the water heater tank to flush sediment out … that's just on my list …

Decided not to go to the mailbox this morning since there's no mail tomorrow and the mailbox won't get overfull if I don't go today. Hope to go tomorrow morning to pick up Saturday's mail.
Just got finished with the doves. Going to rest before starting a load of laundry and then will get 3 plant hangers put up for my mom.

Not sure what happened, but last night at about 11pm the power went out. I was just falling asleep and my air filter shut off. The lack of sound got me up. I thought maybe we blew a fuse until I looked out the window. The street light next door was out and then I heard neighbor Martin talking to neighbor Kelly about no lights. I stepped out to the carport and noticed the whole park was out. I went back to bed. Woke up at 4am to the sound of my air filter running. So, it was out for about 5 hours. Very unusual for here …

Got half the almonds shelled and a load of laundry going. Only got one plant hanger up. Discovered I need to buy more hooks. I thought I had a pack, but couldn't find it where it should have been …

Just got a bad air email alert. We have gotten waaaaay too many this summer.

Going out to take the screen off the kitchen window and then clean it and the furnace filter. Don't think I will get the screens off my bedroom and bathroom windows today …

Time for lunch. Having the rest of yesterday's smoothie as I made a double batch. Starting on 3rd load of wash. The screen and filter should be ready to put back in place when I'm finished eating.

Got all of that done. Need to fix the garbage disposal now. Something jammed it … ick.

Well the garbage disposal is history. It has a bent tooth, so is totally jammed. It's been heading toward dead for a while. I had already been pricing replacements, but now it is definitely on my list of things to buy. So, I've taped the switch to remind my mom not to use it. Need to unplug it, too.

Got the almonds all shelled. Starting on the pecans!

Obviously, not getting anything listed online … again!

Got about 1/3 of the pecans shelled. Will finish those tomorrow. Also will get the other 2 screens done and the outside of those windows and then drain the water heater. Never enough time or energy to get things done!

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