Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

Yep. Another day I didn't work. I had every intention of working … But, then I stopped and got the mail and there was a nice check from one of my paid email companies that I had to put in the savings. And, there was an odd letter from my other bank about a dormant account with $1000 in it that I just could not figure out! So, had to go there and talk to someone and found that it is the account linked to my secure credit card that I got when I needed to get credit started for the home loan when we bought the house. Next month I am going to close that account and rid myself of one big bill!! I don't need that credit card any more!
So, by then it was too late to get started on stores. So, I went to Walmart and found a traverse curtain rod I needed to hang the curtains correctly on the sliding glass door. Then went to Home Depot and OSH to double-check the prices on the garbage disposals. Will try to get one tomorrow if my pay from FG is enough this week. Then, I went to the Food Co-op in Davis and got some good food. Of which I am eating some for lunch.
This is soooo good!!

I think this is a good cause. I just sent for one!
“A Need for Seeds! America’s Oldest Seed Company Needs Your Help!

I am exhausted! Took down the rest of the blinds and then put up the traverse rod. Still have to get the curtains up. My mom actually put all the hooks in the panels! Need to rest before I hang them.
Just got money in my PayPal from CafePress! That was a nice surprise!

Well, crap … Got 3 of the panels up, but there weren't enough hook slots for the 4th one. I need to get more tomorrow. And, the rod is too low, so I'll have to hem the panels so they don't drag the floor! I held the curtains up against the wall before we started and asked my mom if they were on the floor … she said no! So, I measured from the ceiling to the top of the curtains, etc. There is about 2 inches of curtain on the floor now! Ugh! Always more work for me … I actually don't mind it, but I know she'll start complaining once she sees Ezra laying in the folds …

I've decided to stop at the Borders in Davis tomorrow to see what they have left. Might be able to pick up a few good books before they are all out.

I just loooove goat milk. So creamy.

I'm trying to catch up with my surveys again. On the last one in the folder and it is sooooo long and drawn out and repetitive!!!!

Going to watch some episodes of Blythe Raw Live online now.

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