Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011

Wow! The wind is not letting up today. The freeway was scary. And, I got hit by a little rock! Now, I have a nick in the windshield that I am sure is going to spiderweb. Luckily it is low near the dash, so hopefully it won't crack high enough that I'll have to replace it. Haven't had a crack in a windshield since Florida ...
I got one store serviced & then went to the co-op. I love that place! I got coconut kefir & MSM & told my mom she has to start taking them. She was fine with the kefir, but she is not sure about the MSM! It tastes awful! But, if she wants off all her Rx pills, she needs to deal with it! It is one of the best ways to get sulphur back into your system, which is very much necessary for a lot of different functions.

I haven't even had lunch yet. I was going to skim the fat off the bone stock & fry a couple eggs in it ... but, my mom said she's going to make some biscuits, so I'll wait for a couple of hot biscuits made from scratch!

I think my Twitter exploded. I'm thinking it's Ed Begley, Jr. He was tweeting a LOT last night ... Hmmm. I'm afraid to look. I just started following him again recently. Yep, it was him. I had over 300 tweets & I think half were his! Oh, well.

Don't forget, you can also follow me on Twitter & Google+. I don't always share the same stuff on my blogs.

I can't believe this wind today. Sacramento had some huge trees come down on homes and cars.

Wind is still wild around here. Hope I can sleep. It was a pretty day otherwise. If it hadn't been so windy, I could've worked in the yard!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011

I feel like crap. My head is still hurting, my eye is still blurry. So, I still can't drive. I have figured out during the night (barely slept!) that it is most likely a sinus infection & not a real migraine. Just happens to be in the same place my migraines usually hit ... so going to do some work with the Neti pot later & hopefully clear it out of there. Even my ear feels blocked.

Done with my exercises. My headache seems to be backing off. I still need to use the Neti pot & hope that helps.

Well, my mom's new (vintage) coffeepot arrived via UPS. Nikky went NUTS when the truck parked in front of her window! The coffeepot works, thank goodness & my mom likes it (shocking), so will be able to give good feedback to the seller. I gave the box to the kids to play with & here is the scene:

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Well, migraine hit hard last night. Still hanging on this morning! No work, since I can't drive. Feel like I need to throw up ...

Gee, someone has a headache. What should we do? Put CHLORINE  BLEACH in the laundry ... AAARRRRGGHHHH! And, scream at the cat.

This day is going to go well, I see.
Severe migraine all day that has not let up! Will have to investigate why I'm having them so often again. I don't want to get back to being nearly bedridden by them like I was for years at the apartment ...

Watched & listened to David Wolfe all day. Interesting stuff & lots to take in. I found his 2010 Longevity conference on a torrent. Watched the first part (it's 10 parts that covered 3 days of information.) I will take my time watching all of it. He has this year's conference on his website, too. So will watch that later on.

I hope my migraine is gone in the morning. I HAVE to work! I'm not going to have a check next week at this rate!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27, 2011

I'm not doing a damn thing other than listen to more Daniel Vitalis interviews & clean more files from this computer today. Even after defragging it is still running a bit slow.

Blew up at my mom, so she's hiding in her room now. She started in about all the things to do today, which I do not want to do. So, she's pouting about it.

I'm crying a lot today. Something I rarely do. I'm so frustrated about so many things right now.

Realized part of my problem the past couple of days. Crap food. After more than a month of eating organic, real foods, I have now been eating food of unknown origin made by others with unknown ingredients. I also have a stress headache starting. The bad food will be gone today.

I've listened to all the Daniel Vitalis interviews on One Radio Network & now about half through the David Wolfe interviews. So much good info!!

Damn. I missed the first hour of Becoming Chaz on OWN. I did not know they were going to re-air it before Being Chaz! Good thing I found a download of it, which is nearly done now. I'll watch it again later to catch the first hour. Oh, I Am Jazz is on after. Saw her on Rosie. Such a cutie.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26, 2011

Time to let the doves out & clean their cage. Then, I have to try to repair the old gravy boat and a few other things. I'm defragging the computer right now, so hope it will be close to done when I am! Probably won't be done by noon, though. A lot of files for it to go through. Haven't done it for a few months.

I want to cry. I've had 10 days off and haven't gotten anything done that I wanted to do for me. I didn't work on my websites, or get anything new listed in my stores, or garden, or clear the area in front of my craft table or get any new work done in my bathroom or catch up on Daniel Vitalis' interviews & seminars or burn anything off of this computer to make more room! Everything I did was for other people that I really didn't want to do this week. What have I been doing all morning? Gluing broken china animals & ceramics. And, moving fucking fish tanks - AGAIN! I'm tired and my shoulder is bothering me now. And, she wants to move another fish tank tomorrow. WHY!? And, that will be the end of my days off until Christmas week. This sucks! Now, I've got to eat lunch. Computer is still defragging.

I've been listening to Daniel Vitalis' interviews for the past couple of hours. Very relaxing & informative stuff. I told my mom I was going to listen to it on the big speakers (& not my earbuds) & to turn the TV off. She listened for about an hour & got bored & went to her room! Ha!

Friday, November 25, 2011

November 24, 2011

Why can't I have 1 day that doesn't start with complaints or 'I need this ...'? Ezra broke an antique fish-shaped gravy boat last night. And, she needs lancets & strips for her glucose meter. Neverending.
I've only been up about 20 minutes. Slept later than usual. Yesterday was tiring.
I need to eat, then package up the Listia winnings to mail today.

Well, this ten days off kind of sucked. I didn't get anything listed online like I planned. Will try to list a few things today & over the weekend, but I won't get everything up that I wanted to do.

Deviled eggs & pumpkin pie with whipped cream for lunch! Not good, but they need to get eaten before they go bad!

I've been trying to catch up surveys for the past 2 hours. Still have 79 left in the folder!!!! I've never let myself get this far behind. Hope it won't happen again. So many were expired!

OK. I am out of lemonade. Cutting my tea with tangerine juice is not good. Ick.

I got all my surveys caught up finally. Watching Criminal Minds reruns now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011

It's Thanksgiving ... big whoop. It is pouring rain, so I can't put my flag out for the day. I LOOOOOVE rain. We needed it, as usual. I have the blinds open on all the windows to watch it.

Ezra likes yogurt!

Got all the food from the turkey kit tranferred from their plastic & aluminum containers into Pyrex & Corningware. Will start cooking in about an hour. But, I have the table all ready for when it's all done:
I am surprised my camera is actually working today. I was clumsy a lot yesterday. I dropped the camera hard. I also dropped my milk pitcher which was half-ful of almond milk. Ezra & Nikky loved licking that up off the floor before I could get the towels down to clean it!

I already made a double-batch of almond milk this morning. Luckily, I had enough almonds done soaking overnight.

Well, the guys have arrived with Levi & he's already peed on the floor ... and, they brought Pepsi & Steve smells like cigarettes ... nothing new there.

Curtis, Levi & Steven.

We had our Thanksgiving feast about 2 hours ago. I'm still stuffed, but will have pie in a little while. The guys & Levi just left. I just got done cleaning up after the mess Levi left on the deck. All the leftovers are stowed in the fridge. We gave them half of what was left. Here's a pic of the feast before we dug in.
Curtis admitted before they left that he's realized we're the only relatives left that he will talk to. I kind of had that feeling when they asked to have Thanksgiving with us.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

How can someone complain the minute they get up! Gaaah!!

It was so peaceful in here for an hour; now it's noisy.

I follow a pediatrician (really!) on Twitter, Jay Gordon (@JayGordonMDFAAP) as I agree with a lot of his ideas on health. Anyway, he actually recc'd fanfic this morning. I was very surprised! It was a Mythology fic on, but I thought that was cool.

Replaced a couple of burned out light bulbs this morning. Then, did my exercises. I need to vacuum now before I make another batch of almond milk. I'm also going to start some sunflower seeds in the sprouting trays since the alfalfa sprouts are done now (ate them & gave some to the doves over the past few days.)

Have a bunch of auctions on Listia ending today that I'll be mailing on Friday. I should go to my mailbox since I haven't gone since Monday, but too busy today cleaning and after I eat, I need to make my date snacks for tomorrow. My mom just finished with her deviled eggs. Then, we'll make the ambrosia.

My mom made a sandwich with the leftover deviled egg filling & gave some to Ezra. He loves it!

Just saw my 2 male Broad-tail hummers at the feeder. Hadn't seen them since the male Anna's has been around, so a couple weeks at least! Was thinking they had moved on or something. Hope the 2 females are still around.

Snack trays are done! Will take pics later for the other blog.

I really should be catching up on my hundreds of surveys that I am behind on and losing money on (they expire too quickly sometimes ...) but I am just not in the mood.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

Well, I might get sick near Thanksgiving again like I used to. My mom is using Easy Off on the oven shelves! And, she wasn't going to open the windows! 'well, it says no smell' ARRRGGGH! That only means the smell is masked, not that it won't kill you! I have the living room door closed, but it doesn't mean I can't smell something in here. I went outside for a while & cleaned up the dog yard, but it's damn cold for me. Maybe I'll go plant the garlic ...

Big batch of my spiced nuts is done and in the fridge. A dozen eggs are boiling now for my mom to make deviled eggs tomorrow. I'll get them all peeled this afternoon after they cool.

Well, Curtis brought the food this afternoon & it's in the fridge ready to heat up. There's a broccoli/cheese/rice dish I really want! There is way too much mashed potatoes & gravy! And, I can't find the cranberry dish that was supposed to be in it. So may have to make our own.

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

Well, so much for not going anywhere this week! I have to take a mouse to release. First one in a few months. I need to stop at BelAir & grab some dates, too.
Wow. Don't know where the day went. I did get the second fridge cleaned out. Then read fanfic the rest of the day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011

It's been a kind of lazy day this morning. Mostly doing searches on percolators. My mom wants an old fashioned electric percolator and a stovetop Pyrex Flamware percolator (she had one when I was a kid.) Found both, but only going to get one this week. The other will have to wait a couple weeks. I'm bidding on this one tonight:

She is sick of the modern Mr. Coffee and other similar ones that are impossible to clean thoroughly and have mostly plastic parts, anyway. She's such a coffee addict. I just can't get her off the crap.

Don't know where the day went again! Just got finished cleaning one fridge and going through everything in it. Cleaned the door and shelves. Dumped a few things I'd forgotten about! Will do the other fridge tomorrow.

Yay! I won the percolator.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011

Ugh. It seems later. We went to Davis this morning to the co-op. Passed by their main park and there were tents at one area from Occupy protesters, no doubt. That park is across the street from UCDavis where peaceful protesters were pepper sprayed yesterday. Sad times.
Anyway, stocked up on some things so that I hopefully don't have to go out next week at all ... my luck, I'll still have to get some things last minute.

I'm on my 4th load of laundry (where does it all come from!!!) Just finished cleaning the doves' cage, letting them fly around and vacuuming their room. My mom has moved the holiday barrels and unearthed the exercycle. I'm going in there after I rest and empty another bin.

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 17, 2011

Well! What an incredibly annoying morning. My mom's dr. appt. was for 10. Got there 15 min. early. She waited over an hour & was never called in, so she walked out! This is not the first time this has happened, either. So. Just got home & have time before BlytheRawLive at noon. Yay!
Oh, & got home in time for a downpour! Yay! Rain!

Well, we have emptied 2 barrels, a box and a bin this afternoon. Found lots of treasures I thought we'd lost. This one I didn't even know about. It was in Jeanne's possession all these years. My mom remembers their dad buying it from a door-to-door salesman when she was little. It was published in 1947, so she would have been 7. It is in pretty good shape for it's age! It's over five inches thick!

Also, found all our old glass and chrome mixing bowls!! And, lots of other baking stuff. I am so happy about that. And, cast iron pans!! My square one!! Yay! So many other things. Tomorrow, the holiday barrels will be opened. There is a Christmas village (the kind you stick a string of light bulbs in the back of) that is probably 80 years old. My mom always told me it belonged to her mom, when I was little. And, my mom is 71, so older than her anyway. And, a 50 year old Nativity set and so much more.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011

I'm bushed. Didn't get home until about 2 from servicing my last store before my 'vacation'. Rite Aid projects are hard ...
I just finished emptying another 18-gallon bin & a cardboard box. I think it was the last of my record collection and part of my aunt Jeanne's (hundreds of old jukebox 45s!) And, all of my albums from when I was a kid! Partridge Family, Bobby Sherman, Bobby Goldsboro, Sam the Sham!! Lots of others! Many of them are back in the stereo where they haven't been stored since 1980! Ah, it was good to put them back where they always belonged ... I can almost get to my exercycle now! Will empty another bin tomorrow.

OK. This is strange ... they are re-opening the case of Natalie Wood's death! Her sister Lana got the officials to do this. Press conference tomorrow. So what ... after all these years, do they have proof that Robert Wagner & Christopher Walken pushed her overboard or something? I can't wait to see how this transpires!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

Long day. My eyes are tired! I got home about 11 from servicing my only Office Max store and doing a reset on the display there. Fairly easy day. Tomorrow will be looooong with my last Rite Aid reset. And, then, ten days off!!!!!!!!!
So, I came home & made a yummy turkey breast sandwich, made a new batch of almond milk, spritzed my sprouts ;) & gave more to the doves. They seem to love them! I gave them some this morning before I left & those were gone! Then, I went out to weed. And, Martin next door was mowing the lawn! I took a chance & stayed out the whole time. I didn't get sick!!!!! That is such a huge surprise for me! I'm thrilled. My whole life, fresh-mowed lawns have made me sick. Wheezing, itching eyes, coughing, sneezing, miserable. My eyes are itching slightly & that's it!!! I let Nikky out to play with Sweetie & Pookie for about 10 minutes after Martin finished. She enjoyed it, I think. She wasn't happy when I put her back in the back yard when they went in. I also gave the old set of blinds that was on the sliding glass door to Kelly (neighbor on other side of Martin.) Martin is going to trim the Ming tree that is behind our trailer soon. He's borrowing a friend's electric saw. Good timing as I was going to spend a day hand-sawing next week (I have to do it every few months so the branches won't scrape the roof.) I'll take a few bucks off what he still owes me on the truck.
What a busy day. Steven & Curtis just left. They are going to order the Thanksgiving dinner from BelAir. I think it is the first time Steven has been here, at least inside. Nikky had fun jumping all over them both on the couch. And, they were both shocked at how friendly Ezra is compared to Bruno. It's like they aren't even related!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011

I am beyond frustrated with one of my groups. I am so done there. The new year will definitely bring about changes. I've been so bored with it for years, anyway.

Well, Nikky likes bananas! I came out of the bathroom to find she had stolen the banana my mom had on the little table next to her chair (she's in the kitchen washing dishes.) I took it from her and cut the good half off and gave the rest back to her. When she stole the figs a month or so a go, I told my mom to stop leaving food on that table!

Ezra is not impressed that he didn't get any.

I am so tired! I can't wait to finish all these reset projects!
As soon as I come in the door at home, I start getting complaints thrown at me. Ezra has now learned how to jump on the kitchen counter ... What do you expect!? He's 7 months old today and huge!

I think I finally figured out what all my hummers are. My 4 older regulars are Broad-tails & the new male is an Anna's.

Ahhhhh. I am loving my Mountain Valley Spring Water! It is soooo smooth compared to the filtered tap water. Reminds me of the water I had in Florida from the well. Sweet. Wish I could get the gallon jugs. But, the 1 liter bottles will have to do for now!

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Well, I have lots of work this week. Need to get 2 CVS stores serviced today and then go to the food co-op for a few things.

Well, I discovered why the big plastic water jugs are getting bacterial growth. My mom is cleaning the inside with a scrubber instead of a sponge or washrag! It's scratching the surface! Ugh!

What a long day for me. Just got home. And, found that I'll have all next week off! Yay! Normal shut-down for the holiday. Hope I can get some stuff done around here!
Went to the co-op after work. Got LOTS of good stuff ... including, Mountain Valley Spring Water!! So happy! I bought 4 bottles. Will get more on Thurs. I also found some fresh ground buffalo and a good-size fresh lamb shank, frozen ground elk (they always seem to carry that) among other things.

Cool. Chaz Bono is going to be on The Rosie Show tonight.
I just got an alert from Paperback Swap. A Measure of Madness by Gordon Merrick is on its way to me! I've heard his books are very good. If it is, I'll be collecting all of his.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13, 2011

Just got finished listening to a great Daniel Vitalis interview on One Radio. There are several more on there that I will be listening to throughout the day. I can't get enough of this guy. He's so intelligent!

Going to slice a potato & make chips. Hope this batch turns out! I messed up the last one.

Finally got a few things listed on Listia:
I'm giving away: 10 Various Used Stamps. Check it out -

I'm giving away: 10 Various Used Stamps. Check it out -

I'm giving away: 10 - Various Used Stamps. Check it out -
I'm giving away: 12 Assorted Used non-US Stamps. Check it out -
I'm giving away: 11 Boxtops For Education. Check it out -
Well, another failed potato chip experiment. I lowered the temp this time and still half of them burned and half are soggy from the olive oil. At least all of them didn't burn this time! But, the survivors taste OK ...

I finally located a real spring that bottles their water in glass & can be found in my local Whole Foods. It's Mountain Valley Spring Water out of Arkansas. It was recommended by Daniel Vitalis in one of the old podcasts I've been listening to today. I'm going to buy a few bottles next week. I could even order it online! Since I don't really have the ability to go to the closest springs in my area (more than an hour away.) I've really not been happy with filtering the crappy tap water here for drinking. Plus, I hate that we have plastic spout jugs because they are plastic, but also any little scratch inside promotes growth of bad things. I've had to replace 1 jug so far & looks like another one has to go soon.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12, 2011

Busy day already. Starting my third load of laundry & just finished cleaning the doves' cage, letting them fly around a bit and vacuuming their room.
Going to finish cleaning my desk now.

Load #5 in the washer. One more to go. And, remaking my bed little-by-little. That is always a huge chore for me. It wears me out like nothing else, so have to do one thing at a time.

Need to go bread the squash slices, but really don't feel like it! I think they will be for dinner and not lunch.

Just ordered eggs from my farmer. Getting the list made for Thanksgiving, since Steven & Curtis want to have a dinner. Curtis is getting the Turkey dinner from BelAir. We're going to make spiced nuts, my mom's deviled eggs & their mom's ambrosia salad if my mom can remember all the ingredients she used (it is an old recipe from Steven & Curtis' Irish grandma's sister, so well over 100 years old.) And, no one ever wrote it down!!

Time to start some alfalfa sprouts. I'm finally going to use the sprouting trays that I bought over a month ago! Never done this before!

Just made this pic caption for a challenge in my Stargate Slash group. I really need to get back into creating. But, I have so many other things that need to get done all the time!
Going to finish making my bed now that the last load is dried.

I am stuffed. Just made some battered & fried squash. Had lentils, too.

Just finished making this image into Incredimail stationery. Going to make a few more. I'm scanning food pictures from the free Something Extra recipe magazines that I get from BelAir.

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

It's Armistice Day (or Veteran's Day ...) Don't forget to put your flag out. I'm going to in a few minutes.

Have to take my mom to a dr. appt. for her regular blood test, then drop Rx refills at WalMart, then go to BelAir & get some milk & bread ...

Well, my mom rushed me this morning, so I forgot to take a book to read or a puzzle book. I was sooo bored. Then, turns out she is NOT out of one of the Rx she told me she needed. Guess I will have to start keeping the list again ... and, I found some gorgeous yellow raspberries at BelAir! Haven't had them in ages. Yum.

Have my 2nd load of laundry going now. I need to straighten up another shelf behind my desk. Trying to get my office floor cleared up this week. It's going slow.

Going to start finally reading Dresden Files #11, Turn Coat tonight. I now have up to #12 & I find that there is now a #13 done & #14 in the works! Plus, a short one called Side Jobs that is exclusively in a compilation of other works. Need to find that one, too ...

Well, looks like no weeding today. The rain started earlier than predicted. Just kind of drizzling right now.
Oh, I got my Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray that I bought on eBay. Wish I could find it locally again. I know I bought it once at either Whole Foods or the Co-op, but neither has it now!

Got about half of my desk cleared and cleaned. It is a mess! I also labeled ALL of my cords and cables! Now, when Ezra unplugs something, I'll know where it goes!
Making up a dinner recipe, which I will be putting up on QuinGem's Quisine later. It's squash, bell pepper & chicken.

Dinner was yummy.
Just brought in the flag. I hate that it gets dark so early this time of year ...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10, 2011

Have a book to send via Paperback Swap. About miniature Victorian Antiques. I've had it for years, but the pictures are not good in it, so was never useful for me. I really need to get more things listed soon!

Got more books off of my bedroom floor. Had a stack of them next to my mini trampoline. Nearly knocked them over! I need more shelves!

Made almond milk after I ate lunch. I actually got home just before noon, so right on time! But, not in time to listen live to a Daniel Vitalis interview ... will have to catch the recorded show later.
Cleaned the kitchen wall paneling beside the oven so my mom can hang her kitchen gadgets back up that have been down since I pulled the drop-ceiling down.
Now, I need to hot glue some things that need to be hot-glued. After that I will be going out to weeeeeed.

I. AM. ITCHING! I pulled up one of the tarps that is covering the area that was really bad weeds last year & there are ants everywhere!!! I hate ants. I just look at them & feel like I'm itching. But, the weeds didn't grow back in that area! I used that tarp as a temporary cover for the A/C unit. It doesn't quite cover the whole thing, but tomorrow I will pull up the other tarp & will have both of them on it. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to buy a good one that is made for that size unit. It's big!

The BlytheRaw Twitterchat was fun tonight. I never used to like to chat, but haven't missed one of these yet. Always learn a lot.

Waiting for the Rosie show now. It starts at 7. I really enjoy it. It's really not as good as her original show, but it is still a fun show.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

I feel like I am going to have a slow-motion day. I just don't want to function ... gotta eat now.
My hand is killing me. I hit the base of my thumb on the bottom rail of the fence yesterday while pulling weeds. Huge bruise. Need to find my arnica gel.
Huh. Curtis has offered to buy a Thanksgiving dinner from BelAir & he and Steven will be coming over for the holiday. Nice offer. A bit of a surprise. Haven't shared a holiday in probably 15 years.

I stopped at Marshall's & Burlington before I came home. Bought an old-fashioned soda fountain-style glass straw jar. I've always wanted one! Also, a couple pair of pajama pants, high-top Converse-style plaid sneakers, Alive vitamins & a few other things.

Going out to pull weeds now.

Ugh. My back is killing me and so are my fingers! I hate Bermuda grass or crab grass or whatever it is. Once I get as much pulled as I can, I'm pouring vinegar all over that part of the yard & hope it kills any roots I've missed. I've been battling that area of my space since we moved in & I'm sick of it. I want to start fixing that area up. I want to get the planters up and a clothesline and strips to cover the chain link fence back there. I'd like to get a small patio table & chairs with an umbrella to put back there, too. Be another place to get away from my mom and read sometimes.

Got 2 pitchers of sun tea made while I was outside.

Don't know what my mom is making, but it sure smells like garlic in here!

Time for Rosie!! And, then Criminal Minds & CSI. Good night for TV!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011

I finally got pictures of the unusual little finch that has been visiting the feeders. Not the best pics, but you can see his crest in the first one.

Now to get a pic of the new hummer if I can zoom close enough.

Soooo tired and my fingers are so sore! I spent 2 hours weeding when I got home. And, so much more yet to do! But, it was relaxing, other than Nikky whining because Puppy was wandering around on the other side of the fence.

Twitter did something very annoying. They lumped everything but the main timeline into 'Activity' & now I can't find my Favorites mixed in all that mess! I had a bunch of recipes Favorited that I haven't tried yet!! Waaah!

This picture is really dark, but it is Ezra in his first cardboard box!
I have no idea why I hadn't given him one before to play with. He's almost 7 months old!

Well, just finished watching Glee & going to go to bed now. Going to watch an old Criminal Minds wrapped in my electric blanket.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Well, apparently, I turned my alarm back an hour when I turned my clock back. I've been up since 6! Ugh. I'm so tired!

Great. Less than a day after turning on the gas heater, my cough is back.

Got home a few minutes ago. Got one store serviced. Then stopped at the OSH next to it and got some latches for my mom's bathroom cabinets to keep Ezra from slamming them at night. Such fun! I have to do it on the kitchen cabinets, too. But, that is for another day. I also found a cute kitchen timer to replace the one my mom broke last month. It looks like an old fashioned bell-top alarm clock!

Gotta eat something and then call Steve and see if they got that truck started.

Well, that didn't take long. Curtis just wanted me to follow him in case the old truck died on him along the way to where he's going to store it.

I'm going to experiment and see if my doves and the wild birds like ground almond mixed with their seeds. I have sooo much almond pulp now!

Going out to do some weeding. It's 60F right now. Going to put out a tray of almond pulp for the birds, too.

I just came in from almost 90 minutes of weed-pulling and it was so relaxing!

And, I come in to complaints ...

I'm going to bed early. Just finished watching Rosie. Antonio Banderas was on it! Love his voice.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011

So, I took a break from this blog for a bit over a month. Still can't decide what I really want to do with this one other than keep it like a sort-of diary, I guess.
Did you all remember to change your clocks back? I did it this morning.

In case you didn't know. I started another blog last month about food and health. You can find it here: QuinGem's Quisine. It's got recipes, food recalls, health articles, lots of stuff about eating organic, real foods.

I need to make almond milk this morning.

Saw a new hummer this morning, I think. It was a bit farther away than I can see. It was sitting near the fence waiting for Nikky to get done in the yard. It looked like it had a red head! I hope I see it again to make sure.
And, yesterday, I saw a pretty little finch that looked like it had a rust-colored crest!

I am freezing. It is up to 46F right now. I have to go across the street to my cousin Steve's in an hour. Levi needs his nails clipped. I'll probably do Bruno's too, even though Steve says he only needs his teeth clipped. Haha!

Just found this picture article via Twitter:

Hummingbirds Feasting On Cannabis: Only the best for these discerning little creatures. The question is: did they ingest THC and g...
Just got back from Steve's and clipped Levi's nails. Bruno is nuts. Steve can't even hold him, so he didn't get his nails (or teeth! haha!) clipped. Curtis came over & asked if I could help him move trucks this afternoon. Maybe next week we'll mess with the storage if he feels better. He has an ear infection, apparently. I wanted to tell him to stop drinking cow's milk, but I didn't. Doubt he would listen. So, I have to go back over there at 2.

I lit the pilot light a few minutes ago. It's already warming up in here!

Now to clean the doves' cage & let them fly around. Then, I'll get that almond milk made. 

I'm bored. Can't really get started on anything else today, since I have to leave at 2. Don't know how long Curtis will need help this afternoon. I hate starting something and then stopping in the middle. Loses my momentum! I really should work on one of my websites & get them updated. But, not going to happen today ... I have been catching up on surveys this morning, though. Made $3!

Guess I'll go through all my old coupons and throw out the expired ones. I have a pile to cut out, too.

Had leftover coconut shrimp for lunch. Wasn't quite as crispy as last night (I warmed them in the oven) but tasted a bit better. Will definitely save the recipe I used.

Just bought some Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray on eBay. I've been out for about a week. It is part of my allergy regimen that has helped me to (hopefully permanently) stop taking allergy pills. I haven't taken any in about 3 months.

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Well, I just lost 2 paragraphs on this when I updated my Firefox (finally) & can't remember what all I wrote ... obviously not important! Ha! So much for the autosave feature on Blogger. Still doesn't work well. I have been complaining about it for ages.

Oh, I remember part of it. Went over my cousins' & they couldn't start the truck. Dead battery. So, will have to check tomorrow after work and see if they got it started. They want to move it again because Steve can't have it in his driveway since it is not currently licensed (manager has given him a warning or something ...) Anyway ... oh, and I was shocked that Steve bought me a wireless N router! I was shocked! Lately, I think he's been trying to make up for his part in the Florida fiasco (if he even remembers what happened ...) Going to hook up the router later this week and hopefully get the desktop in my bedroom to connect to the internet. My wireless G just doesn't reach that far reliably.

I finally wrote the letter to my bank to close my secure credit card account. Mailing it tomorrow. I should get about $60 or so back once that goes through.