Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10, 2011

Have a book to send via Paperback Swap. About miniature Victorian Antiques. I've had it for years, but the pictures are not good in it, so was never useful for me. I really need to get more things listed soon!

Got more books off of my bedroom floor. Had a stack of them next to my mini trampoline. Nearly knocked them over! I need more shelves!

Made almond milk after I ate lunch. I actually got home just before noon, so right on time! But, not in time to listen live to a Daniel Vitalis interview ... will have to catch the recorded show later.
Cleaned the kitchen wall paneling beside the oven so my mom can hang her kitchen gadgets back up that have been down since I pulled the drop-ceiling down.
Now, I need to hot glue some things that need to be hot-glued. After that I will be going out to weeeeeed.

I. AM. ITCHING! I pulled up one of the tarps that is covering the area that was really bad weeds last year & there are ants everywhere!!! I hate ants. I just look at them & feel like I'm itching. But, the weeds didn't grow back in that area! I used that tarp as a temporary cover for the A/C unit. It doesn't quite cover the whole thing, but tomorrow I will pull up the other tarp & will have both of them on it. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to buy a good one that is made for that size unit. It's big!

The BlytheRaw Twitterchat was fun tonight. I never used to like to chat, but haven't missed one of these yet. Always learn a lot.

Waiting for the Rosie show now. It starts at 7. I really enjoy it. It's really not as good as her original show, but it is still a fun show.

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