Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12, 2011

Busy day already. Starting my third load of laundry & just finished cleaning the doves' cage, letting them fly around a bit and vacuuming their room.
Going to finish cleaning my desk now.

Load #5 in the washer. One more to go. And, remaking my bed little-by-little. That is always a huge chore for me. It wears me out like nothing else, so have to do one thing at a time.

Need to go bread the squash slices, but really don't feel like it! I think they will be for dinner and not lunch.

Just ordered eggs from my farmer. Getting the list made for Thanksgiving, since Steven & Curtis want to have a dinner. Curtis is getting the Turkey dinner from BelAir. We're going to make spiced nuts, my mom's deviled eggs & their mom's ambrosia salad if my mom can remember all the ingredients she used (it is an old recipe from Steven & Curtis' Irish grandma's sister, so well over 100 years old.) And, no one ever wrote it down!!

Time to start some alfalfa sprouts. I'm finally going to use the sprouting trays that I bought over a month ago! Never done this before!

Just made this pic caption for a challenge in my Stargate Slash group. I really need to get back into creating. But, I have so many other things that need to get done all the time!
Going to finish making my bed now that the last load is dried.

I am stuffed. Just made some battered & fried squash. Had lentils, too.

Just finished making this image into Incredimail stationery. Going to make a few more. I'm scanning food pictures from the free Something Extra recipe magazines that I get from BelAir.

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