Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Well, I have lots of work this week. Need to get 2 CVS stores serviced today and then go to the food co-op for a few things.

Well, I discovered why the big plastic water jugs are getting bacterial growth. My mom is cleaning the inside with a scrubber instead of a sponge or washrag! It's scratching the surface! Ugh!

What a long day for me. Just got home. And, found that I'll have all next week off! Yay! Normal shut-down for the holiday. Hope I can get some stuff done around here!
Went to the co-op after work. Got LOTS of good stuff ... including, Mountain Valley Spring Water!! So happy! I bought 4 bottles. Will get more on Thurs. I also found some fresh ground buffalo and a good-size fresh lamb shank, frozen ground elk (they always seem to carry that) among other things.

Cool. Chaz Bono is going to be on The Rosie Show tonight.
I just got an alert from Paperback Swap. A Measure of Madness by Gordon Merrick is on its way to me! I've heard his books are very good. If it is, I'll be collecting all of his.

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