Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011

I am beyond frustrated with one of my groups. I am so done there. The new year will definitely bring about changes. I've been so bored with it for years, anyway.

Well, Nikky likes bananas! I came out of the bathroom to find she had stolen the banana my mom had on the little table next to her chair (she's in the kitchen washing dishes.) I took it from her and cut the good half off and gave the rest back to her. When she stole the figs a month or so a go, I told my mom to stop leaving food on that table!

Ezra is not impressed that he didn't get any.

I am so tired! I can't wait to finish all these reset projects!
As soon as I come in the door at home, I start getting complaints thrown at me. Ezra has now learned how to jump on the kitchen counter ... What do you expect!? He's 7 months old today and huge!

I think I finally figured out what all my hummers are. My 4 older regulars are Broad-tails & the new male is an Anna's.

Ahhhhh. I am loving my Mountain Valley Spring Water! It is soooo smooth compared to the filtered tap water. Reminds me of the water I had in Florida from the well. Sweet. Wish I could get the gallon jugs. But, the 1 liter bottles will have to do for now!

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