Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

Long day. My eyes are tired! I got home about 11 from servicing my only Office Max store and doing a reset on the display there. Fairly easy day. Tomorrow will be looooong with my last Rite Aid reset. And, then, ten days off!!!!!!!!!
So, I came home & made a yummy turkey breast sandwich, made a new batch of almond milk, spritzed my sprouts ;) & gave more to the doves. They seem to love them! I gave them some this morning before I left & those were gone! Then, I went out to weed. And, Martin next door was mowing the lawn! I took a chance & stayed out the whole time. I didn't get sick!!!!! That is such a huge surprise for me! I'm thrilled. My whole life, fresh-mowed lawns have made me sick. Wheezing, itching eyes, coughing, sneezing, miserable. My eyes are itching slightly & that's it!!! I let Nikky out to play with Sweetie & Pookie for about 10 minutes after Martin finished. She enjoyed it, I think. She wasn't happy when I put her back in the back yard when they went in. I also gave the old set of blinds that was on the sliding glass door to Kelly (neighbor on other side of Martin.) Martin is going to trim the Ming tree that is behind our trailer soon. He's borrowing a friend's electric saw. Good timing as I was going to spend a day hand-sawing next week (I have to do it every few months so the branches won't scrape the roof.) I'll take a few bucks off what he still owes me on the truck.
What a busy day. Steven & Curtis just left. They are going to order the Thanksgiving dinner from BelAir. I think it is the first time Steven has been here, at least inside. Nikky had fun jumping all over them both on the couch. And, they were both shocked at how friendly Ezra is compared to Bruno. It's like they aren't even related!

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