Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

Well, I might get sick near Thanksgiving again like I used to. My mom is using Easy Off on the oven shelves! And, she wasn't going to open the windows! 'well, it says no smell' ARRRGGGH! That only means the smell is masked, not that it won't kill you! I have the living room door closed, but it doesn't mean I can't smell something in here. I went outside for a while & cleaned up the dog yard, but it's damn cold for me. Maybe I'll go plant the garlic ...

Big batch of my spiced nuts is done and in the fridge. A dozen eggs are boiling now for my mom to make deviled eggs tomorrow. I'll get them all peeled this afternoon after they cool.

Well, Curtis brought the food this afternoon & it's in the fridge ready to heat up. There's a broccoli/cheese/rice dish I really want! There is way too much mashed potatoes & gravy! And, I can't find the cranberry dish that was supposed to be in it. So may have to make our own.

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