Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

How can someone complain the minute they get up! Gaaah!!

It was so peaceful in here for an hour; now it's noisy.

I follow a pediatrician (really!) on Twitter, Jay Gordon (@JayGordonMDFAAP) as I agree with a lot of his ideas on health. Anyway, he actually recc'd fanfic this morning. I was very surprised! It was a Mythology fic on, but I thought that was cool.

Replaced a couple of burned out light bulbs this morning. Then, did my exercises. I need to vacuum now before I make another batch of almond milk. I'm also going to start some sunflower seeds in the sprouting trays since the alfalfa sprouts are done now (ate them & gave some to the doves over the past few days.)

Have a bunch of auctions on Listia ending today that I'll be mailing on Friday. I should go to my mailbox since I haven't gone since Monday, but too busy today cleaning and after I eat, I need to make my date snacks for tomorrow. My mom just finished with her deviled eggs. Then, we'll make the ambrosia.

My mom made a sandwich with the leftover deviled egg filling & gave some to Ezra. He loves it!

Just saw my 2 male Broad-tail hummers at the feeder. Hadn't seen them since the male Anna's has been around, so a couple weeks at least! Was thinking they had moved on or something. Hope the 2 females are still around.

Snack trays are done! Will take pics later for the other blog.

I really should be catching up on my hundreds of surveys that I am behind on and losing money on (they expire too quickly sometimes ...) but I am just not in the mood.

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