Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011

It's Thanksgiving ... big whoop. It is pouring rain, so I can't put my flag out for the day. I LOOOOOVE rain. We needed it, as usual. I have the blinds open on all the windows to watch it.

Ezra likes yogurt!

Got all the food from the turkey kit tranferred from their plastic & aluminum containers into Pyrex & Corningware. Will start cooking in about an hour. But, I have the table all ready for when it's all done:
I am surprised my camera is actually working today. I was clumsy a lot yesterday. I dropped the camera hard. I also dropped my milk pitcher which was half-ful of almond milk. Ezra & Nikky loved licking that up off the floor before I could get the towels down to clean it!

I already made a double-batch of almond milk this morning. Luckily, I had enough almonds done soaking overnight.

Well, the guys have arrived with Levi & he's already peed on the floor ... and, they brought Pepsi & Steve smells like cigarettes ... nothing new there.

Curtis, Levi & Steven.

We had our Thanksgiving feast about 2 hours ago. I'm still stuffed, but will have pie in a little while. The guys & Levi just left. I just got done cleaning up after the mess Levi left on the deck. All the leftovers are stowed in the fridge. We gave them half of what was left. Here's a pic of the feast before we dug in.
Curtis admitted before they left that he's realized we're the only relatives left that he will talk to. I kind of had that feeling when they asked to have Thanksgiving with us.

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