Friday, November 25, 2011

November 24, 2011

Why can't I have 1 day that doesn't start with complaints or 'I need this ...'? Ezra broke an antique fish-shaped gravy boat last night. And, she needs lancets & strips for her glucose meter. Neverending.
I've only been up about 20 minutes. Slept later than usual. Yesterday was tiring.
I need to eat, then package up the Listia winnings to mail today.

Well, this ten days off kind of sucked. I didn't get anything listed online like I planned. Will try to list a few things today & over the weekend, but I won't get everything up that I wanted to do.

Deviled eggs & pumpkin pie with whipped cream for lunch! Not good, but they need to get eaten before they go bad!

I've been trying to catch up surveys for the past 2 hours. Still have 79 left in the folder!!!! I've never let myself get this far behind. Hope it won't happen again. So many were expired!

OK. I am out of lemonade. Cutting my tea with tangerine juice is not good. Ick.

I got all my surveys caught up finally. Watching Criminal Minds reruns now.

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