Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26, 2011

Time to let the doves out & clean their cage. Then, I have to try to repair the old gravy boat and a few other things. I'm defragging the computer right now, so hope it will be close to done when I am! Probably won't be done by noon, though. A lot of files for it to go through. Haven't done it for a few months.

I want to cry. I've had 10 days off and haven't gotten anything done that I wanted to do for me. I didn't work on my websites, or get anything new listed in my stores, or garden, or clear the area in front of my craft table or get any new work done in my bathroom or catch up on Daniel Vitalis' interviews & seminars or burn anything off of this computer to make more room! Everything I did was for other people that I really didn't want to do this week. What have I been doing all morning? Gluing broken china animals & ceramics. And, moving fucking fish tanks - AGAIN! I'm tired and my shoulder is bothering me now. And, she wants to move another fish tank tomorrow. WHY!? And, that will be the end of my days off until Christmas week. This sucks! Now, I've got to eat lunch. Computer is still defragging.

I've been listening to Daniel Vitalis' interviews for the past couple of hours. Very relaxing & informative stuff. I told my mom I was going to listen to it on the big speakers (& not my earbuds) & to turn the TV off. She listened for about an hour & got bored & went to her room! Ha!

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