Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27, 2011

I'm not doing a damn thing other than listen to more Daniel Vitalis interviews & clean more files from this computer today. Even after defragging it is still running a bit slow.

Blew up at my mom, so she's hiding in her room now. She started in about all the things to do today, which I do not want to do. So, she's pouting about it.

I'm crying a lot today. Something I rarely do. I'm so frustrated about so many things right now.

Realized part of my problem the past couple of days. Crap food. After more than a month of eating organic, real foods, I have now been eating food of unknown origin made by others with unknown ingredients. I also have a stress headache starting. The bad food will be gone today.

I've listened to all the Daniel Vitalis interviews on One Radio Network & now about half through the David Wolfe interviews. So much good info!!

Damn. I missed the first hour of Becoming Chaz on OWN. I did not know they were going to re-air it before Being Chaz! Good thing I found a download of it, which is nearly done now. I'll watch it again later to catch the first hour. Oh, I Am Jazz is on after. Saw her on Rosie. Such a cutie.

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