Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011

So, I took a break from this blog for a bit over a month. Still can't decide what I really want to do with this one other than keep it like a sort-of diary, I guess.
Did you all remember to change your clocks back? I did it this morning.

In case you didn't know. I started another blog last month about food and health. You can find it here: QuinGem's Quisine. It's got recipes, food recalls, health articles, lots of stuff about eating organic, real foods.

I need to make almond milk this morning.

Saw a new hummer this morning, I think. It was a bit farther away than I can see. It was sitting near the fence waiting for Nikky to get done in the yard. It looked like it had a red head! I hope I see it again to make sure.
And, yesterday, I saw a pretty little finch that looked like it had a rust-colored crest!

I am freezing. It is up to 46F right now. I have to go across the street to my cousin Steve's in an hour. Levi needs his nails clipped. I'll probably do Bruno's too, even though Steve says he only needs his teeth clipped. Haha!

Just found this picture article via Twitter:

Hummingbirds Feasting On Cannabis: Only the best for these discerning little creatures. The question is: did they ingest THC and g...
Just got back from Steve's and clipped Levi's nails. Bruno is nuts. Steve can't even hold him, so he didn't get his nails (or teeth! haha!) clipped. Curtis came over & asked if I could help him move trucks this afternoon. Maybe next week we'll mess with the storage if he feels better. He has an ear infection, apparently. I wanted to tell him to stop drinking cow's milk, but I didn't. Doubt he would listen. So, I have to go back over there at 2.

I lit the pilot light a few minutes ago. It's already warming up in here!

Now to clean the doves' cage & let them fly around. Then, I'll get that almond milk made. 

I'm bored. Can't really get started on anything else today, since I have to leave at 2. Don't know how long Curtis will need help this afternoon. I hate starting something and then stopping in the middle. Loses my momentum! I really should work on one of my websites & get them updated. But, not going to happen today ... I have been catching up on surveys this morning, though. Made $3!

Guess I'll go through all my old coupons and throw out the expired ones. I have a pile to cut out, too.

Had leftover coconut shrimp for lunch. Wasn't quite as crispy as last night (I warmed them in the oven) but tasted a bit better. Will definitely save the recipe I used.

Just bought some Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray on eBay. I've been out for about a week. It is part of my allergy regimen that has helped me to (hopefully permanently) stop taking allergy pills. I haven't taken any in about 3 months.

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Well, I just lost 2 paragraphs on this when I updated my Firefox (finally) & can't remember what all I wrote ... obviously not important! Ha! So much for the autosave feature on Blogger. Still doesn't work well. I have been complaining about it for ages.

Oh, I remember part of it. Went over my cousins' & they couldn't start the truck. Dead battery. So, will have to check tomorrow after work and see if they got it started. They want to move it again because Steve can't have it in his driveway since it is not currently licensed (manager has given him a warning or something ...) Anyway ... oh, and I was shocked that Steve bought me a wireless N router! I was shocked! Lately, I think he's been trying to make up for his part in the Florida fiasco (if he even remembers what happened ...) Going to hook up the router later this week and hopefully get the desktop in my bedroom to connect to the internet. My wireless G just doesn't reach that far reliably.

I finally wrote the letter to my bank to close my secure credit card account. Mailing it tomorrow. I should get about $60 or so back once that goes through.

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