Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

I feel like I am going to have a slow-motion day. I just don't want to function ... gotta eat now.
My hand is killing me. I hit the base of my thumb on the bottom rail of the fence yesterday while pulling weeds. Huge bruise. Need to find my arnica gel.
Huh. Curtis has offered to buy a Thanksgiving dinner from BelAir & he and Steven will be coming over for the holiday. Nice offer. A bit of a surprise. Haven't shared a holiday in probably 15 years.

I stopped at Marshall's & Burlington before I came home. Bought an old-fashioned soda fountain-style glass straw jar. I've always wanted one! Also, a couple pair of pajama pants, high-top Converse-style plaid sneakers, Alive vitamins & a few other things.

Going out to pull weeds now.

Ugh. My back is killing me and so are my fingers! I hate Bermuda grass or crab grass or whatever it is. Once I get as much pulled as I can, I'm pouring vinegar all over that part of the yard & hope it kills any roots I've missed. I've been battling that area of my space since we moved in & I'm sick of it. I want to start fixing that area up. I want to get the planters up and a clothesline and strips to cover the chain link fence back there. I'd like to get a small patio table & chairs with an umbrella to put back there, too. Be another place to get away from my mom and read sometimes.

Got 2 pitchers of sun tea made while I was outside.

Don't know what my mom is making, but it sure smells like garlic in here!

Time for Rosie!! And, then Criminal Minds & CSI. Good night for TV!

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