Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011

Got up late this morning! 7:30!
Have to clean the doves' cage today & let them fly around, then vacuum that room. Moving all my exercise equipment in there. My bedroom is too crowded.

For some reason, we've been having a string of bad air days this week. Today is the worst. Happily, I have not been affected as in the past!

Just got back from Steve's. He called earlier, being a bit secretive, asking me to come over. I was very surprised when he gave me $100 as a Christmas present! I thought I would collapse from shock. I have NEVER gotten a present for Christmas from him or Curtis in my life (that wasn't a family gift his mom bought when we were kids.) And, he asked if we would have Christmas dinner together like at Thanksgiving. He wants to make the turkey in his new stove he's installing this week. I'm stunned.

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