Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

It is 31F. But, the birdbath is NOT frozen, which is a surprise. The mourning doves were using it this morning.

My mom says Ezra's new bad habit is that he jumps on the stove to sniff what she's cooking. Wonderful.

My hopeful plan for the day is to list some things online. Without interruption. Yeah, right ...

Yay! Getting some listings done!

Auction: Boxer Address Labels

Auction: Button Address Labels

Auction: Glow In The Dark Paint Pen - NIP

Auction: Plastic Paint Palette

Auction: There's Something About Mary Special Edition VHS - 1998

Auction: Dante's Peak VHS - 1999

Sleeping Beauty Mini Tea Set by Popular Imports - 1997 - at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Cherished Moments Tea Time Collection Mini Tea Set by Artistic Flair - 1995 - at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery Shading Technique Book - 1963 at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Rare Cats Souvenir Brochure with cast insert - 1984 at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Zondervan Holy Bible Red Letter Reference Edition - 1984 at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Auction: Holy Bible Reference Edition - 1972

Beautiful Flowers 'n Things Book - 1970 - at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

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