Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 13, 2011

Arrgh! 29F! Hmm. Will have to check a few of the plants outside later. Supposed to get up to 55F later. Rain tomorrow. We'll see.

Well, I am off the rest of the week as I am all caught up on all my stores! Don't have to work again until Monday. So, I really need to work online, but first I am going to start the rearranging in my bedroom & do the rest of my exercises before lunch.

Nikky is driving me nuts. Her new thing is to sit on the back of the couch and growl while looking outside. Don't know what she is seeing out there.

Ugh. Wore myself out rearranging my bedroom. And, it's only half-done. But, at least my bed, computer & TV are pretty much where I want them. I broke the plug on my vintage table lamp, so I have to get a new plug-end tomorrow.

Twitter just crashed ... hate when that happens. And, where is the Fail Whale? Just has the little Twitter Robot thingie image ... :(

Found a cool website that I'll be spending ages catching up on the information. Got it from a David Wolfe link on Twitter: 

Twitter is still down & now showing the Fail Whale ... But, I finished watching another section of the 2010 Longevity conference. Have 3 more videos (about 6 hours) to watch.

I'm sad that I missed the past 2 days of The Rosie Show. Monday was Jane Fonda & last night was Donny & Marie! Can only see clips on Rosie's website. Somehow, they have locked down pirating of full episodes. Can't find torrents anywhere! Can sometimes catch the repeats of the week on Saturday, though.

Yep, Twitter is definitely down. They have a note on their status site ...

I'm loving the Landreth Seed catalog. Love all the old pictures of their catalogs from the 1800s. And, all the heirloom and vintage seeds. I'm definitely going to order Cherokee Purple tomato seeds, among several others. So many to choose from! This catalog is a keeper, for sure. And, I found them on Twitter! Going to follow them.

OK. This is one of the few Criminal Minds that I don't really like ... not a boxing fan & not enough Spencer. Plus, they are trying to pair Hotch up with some gal. Ugh! Hotch belongs with Spencer!! ;)

Got my MagicJack Plus hooked up. Can't figure out if the 911 address is attached to it, though. Will double-check it all tomorrow.

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