Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 13, 2011

It's been a nice morning, so far. Even though the rain woke me up at 5am. It didn't rain long, but I couldn't fall back to sleep. I still stayed in bed until 7, though! It was warm under the covers!

I found beef heart at my local co-op. I bought a new cord for the lamp that I broke the plug on yesterday. Will be fixing that after lunch. And, I bought seeds to send out with some of my Christmas cards that I am finally getting done this evening.

Going to have a Rocky Dog for lunch now.

Jane Fonda shared a link on Twitter to the full episode of the Rosie show that she was on Monday. So, will be watching that later. Hope to find the Donny & Marie ep from Tuesday.

And, my mom decided to stop taking Lasix (aka Furosimide)!! Yay! I never wanted her to take it. I think it was prescribed off-label, anyway. I told her not to take it when it was first prescribed a couple of years ago. To me, it will always be the crap given to racehorses so their lungs wouldn't bleed during a race (don't know if they still do that, but they used to.) Anyway. One less pill to make her feel like crap.

Got my lamp fixed. Love that old thing. One of the very few things of my grandma's that I kept. I still need to repair Papa's lamp. But, I need to sand the pole and repaint it. I might clean the base this weekend, though. I finally bought brass cleaner. I have everything to fix it, except a shade. Can't decide what kind I want. Need to go through old pictures and see if the lamp is in them to see what kind it used to have.

Just clipped Nikky's nails. She is licking on a broth & cheese icee right now. She was very good. Didn't squeal or wiggle at all.

Now to sneak up on Ezra to do his nails. That will be a bloodbath. I'll probably have to sit on him again. Seriously ... :(

Well, I tried something different with Ezra this time. Got his front paws done with barely a wiggle. No screaming; no clawing. Will do the back paws later after he calms down. He was very tense. He was very good when he was smaller. But, now it is a real challenge. Hope to get him back to the way he was before. He is huge, so I don't want to be fighting him twice a month for the next 10+ years.

I have an apple dish I want to make if my mom would ever get out of the kitchen!

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