Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011

Freezing my feet off. Just got home from the post office, OSH to buy some seeds & checking my mailbox. NO oil check yet!! I need that check! It's almost a week late. Have to clean the doves' cage now & let them fly around. I wanted to trim all the outside vines today, but it's too cold right now. The birdbath DID get partially frozen!

My feet are blocks of ice now. I got the bougainvillea vine trimmed back to the size of a small bush. Hope to keep it that size in the future. If it does not get totally killed by frost this winter. Tomorrow, I hope to trim back the trumpet vine and passion vine the same way.
The next project is making dog biscuits for Nikky. The sweet potato is in the oven now. The recipe will be on QuinGem's Quisine later today.

I am stuffed. Had a late dinner as it took longer than my mom planned when she started!
Going to listen to some more Longevity conference & play Minesweeper for the rest of the night!

Early night. Tired of freezing. Going to bed under my electric blanket and do crossword puzzles. And, I am beyond sick of Walker, Texas Idiot Ranger. All damn day ...

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