Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Damn. I can't believe this wind today. Thought I was going to get blown off the road on the way home! And, now, after cleaning the dog yard, I have something in my eye! Annoying.

I stopped at a discount ink store that I pass all the time, but had never been to. I bought ink cartridges there. And, they do refills for a pretty good price, so will go that route next time. But, I have a lot of printing to do soon & needed them now. I pass that store at least twice a month.

I just got a really cool pressie that I never expected (the best kind!) Gift card to a cool book site!

I'm cracking up. Our local news (Sacramento) is all aflutter over the power outages over at Candlestick Park in SF again. Poor fools can't see their football game! hahahaha! Happened first during the 5pm news & now again at the 6:30 news.

Waiting for a quilling book auction to end. Hope I win it. Once I get my office cleared and can get to my craft table I want to get crafting things again!!!! So much more to go ... but, at least I'll have the things I need for the crafts!

Well, bummer. The lister pulled the auction at the last minute. :(

I sure hope my check is in the mailbox tomorrow. Hasn't been this late in ages.

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