Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011

Well, this sucks. I go to bed last night thinking I have 2 stores to service today. I get up, and I don't. I hate when they change service times without telling us! So, my vacation starts today instead of Friday! Ugh. It would be fine except for the no money part.

Well, no excuse not to spend the next 2 weeks listing stuff.
Have to go to the mailbox & hope my oil check is there ...

OK. I'm upset now. No check. I'll have to call them tomorrow.
But, the tortilla press arrived. And, I'm not totally impressed with it. We'll see if it actually works later this week.
And, there is a chocolate-colored pigeon under my carport. I can't catch it yet. It looks like a former pet that has been attacked. It has maybe 4 tail feathers & patches missing on its body. Tried to coax it for about 15 minutes, but no catching it yet. It was able to get on the roof from the shed. Hopefully, it will make it to the deck on the other side where there's food and water & I might be able to corner it over there. Don't know. We have a very damp fog this morning, too. Poor thing looks water-logged.

I'm kind of depressed. Need to find something to eat that will get rid of that. And, take some more Vit. D ... Not going to have any income after Thurs. until my mom's SS arrives on 1/3 if I don't get that damn oil check. Need to pull the $40 or so from PayPal, I think. Must list more things on Bonanza or even eBay, I guess. Don't like eBay as a seller, though ... hmmmm
Viola did give me some good news about the company, but it probably won't make any difference until later next year (click on the NEWS link & see the first article: http://www.fgxi.com/# )

Need food ...

Well, nice surprise on my doorstep. Becky (the realtor) dropped off a calendar (she does every year) & homemade cookies! At least it wasn't wine again (we don't drink at all.) Having a chocolate chip cookie now!

What to list ... what to list. Guess I will go through the last batch of craft magazines I found. Hmmm ... looking at piles of stuff. No, I am going to organize this mess first. Fabric is going to get sorted and put in a bin and go in my closet temporarily. Going to clear craft shelves of it and put all sales stuff on those shelves. Then, I can get to my craft table! Yes. Will do that today. Gotta wash a bin out first.

OK. I've got a bunch of crafts magazines from the '80s & some nice purses separated to list tomorrow. Getting closer to my craft table, but not there yet! So much under that pile ... threw a bunch of stuff away. And, found Precious Kennels! Actually, all the info from when Quinn & Gemini were born AND their agility championship title certificates. After all these years, I'd forgotten that Gemini earned that, too. I thought she just had the CD (obedience title!) She was a dual champion. Always so proud of my little GemmaJam. Miss them so much.

That didn't take as long as I expected. I now have access to my craft table!! And, most of the stuff is separated easily for listing and mailing.

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