Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22, 2011

Mailed all of yesterday's Listia winnings. Then, since I was already in BelAir, bought more food!

I'm debating with myself about something I want to get ... a Gubler Flu t-shirt! Matthew Gray Gubler is selling one of his cartoon designs on t-shirts. It's so ugly, it's cute! I have the money in my PayPal ... I wanted it the last 2 times he had it available last month, but it kept selling out within minutes. But, he's going to have it available for 2 days now ...

I got the t-shirt! I used Bill Me Later! I'm so bad.

OK. Enough lazy days. I have to get things listed tomorrow!!! Been in the kitchen most of today doing stuff. Still have to make tortillas. Found the old recipe. Too late to start today, though. And, too tired.

Going to read fic and play games the rest of the day.

I think I need to go through my seeds this weekend & see what I have leftover. Then will know what else I need to send for from Landreth. I have some left from packets I've bought, but also seeds my mom & I saved from various things. I think some will be surprises since my mom can't remember what they were from!

Gah! I am disappointed to learn that GoDaddy supports SOPA. I want to move my stuff, but can't afford to yet. I just renewed my domains last month. My domains and hosting expire NEXT Dec. I will look into moving things soon. I don't want to support their acceptance of censorship, but really can't move from them right now. :(

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