Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23, 2011

My mother is driving me nuts this morning!!! I really do wish I was totally deaf sometimes. Or that ear plugs really did block ALL noise ...
Gah! What a rude bitch!

Trying to get started early on listing things. I've decided to start charging for shipping on some things on Listia as an experiment. I tried it before, but it wasn't working out well the way I did it. So, trying again.

I'm giving away: If He's Wild by Hannah Howell. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Enjoy Your Tropical Fish Picture Book by Earl Schneider. Check it out -

Quick and Easy Patchwork on the Sewing Machine by Murwin & Payne - 1979 at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

The Quick Quiltmaking Handbook by Barbara Johannah - Quilting Books & Instruction at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Time to stop and watch BlytheRawLive and chat with the folks there. It's a repeat, so Blythe will be in chat, too.

Bummer. They had technical difficulties and the recording kept stalling. Oh, well.

Surprising news - reversed their position on SOPA due to hundreds of members removing their domains and hosting from their company! That's great. But, they were still in on the writing of it. Soooo, still may move my stuff in the future.

I'm making tortillas for my other blog, but while in the kitchen I was also watching the birds on the deck eating. I scared most of the little finches that were eating on the table under the window when I stood on tiptoes to look out, but these 2 stayed until the scrub jay showed up.
 Mourning dove in the hanging feeder, finch on the rail.
 Mourning dove.
 Scrub jay.
Mourning dove waiting for scrub jay to go away.
Back to listing things online while my tortilla dough rises.


I'm giving away: Bold and Beautiful Quilts #3778. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Patchwork Simplicity #3779. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Quilts Heirlooms of Tomorrow #3780. Check it out -
Guess I'm done listing for the day. Losing light in here. Tomorrow I'll be listing a bunch of purses that belonged to my aunt Jeanne. Have to research them. I know nothing about that sort of thing. And, have lots more craft magazines to go through. There are some images in them I want to scan before I get rid of them completely.

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