Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Bah, humbug.
My mom and I have our half of Christmas dinner done. Just got an email from cousin. Guess turkey is NOT done yet. Now he says 3 or 3:30 ... grrr. I'm starving.

Curtis came over to say Steven didn't start to thaw out the turkey until LAST night!
I'm going to eat all the olives before the turkey is done ...

Well, they brought the turkey & it's not done cooking, so they took it back over to Steve's. It's too big for my little oven ... Maybe we'll eat at midnight ...
My biscuits are good. I just had one with lots of butter ...

Still waiting ...

OK. Dinner was good when the turkey finally got here. The guys just left.
Next week, I'll be helping Curtis move the last of Jeanne's big furniture out of storage finally. The 2 big wardrobes are coming here. And, possibly one of the big hutch/cabinets. So, the bird room will be rearranged again and possibly my office. I'm going to use one of the wardrobes just for my sale stuff, so it will all be off the floor. And, the hutch is going to be to display all my old dolls that I have stored in a trunk in my room.

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