Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

I haven't been in the mood for much the past few days. My mom has been on a Christmas decorating binge. I'm not. I'll be taking pictures later of her masterpieces.
The day did not start well at all! Car wouldn't start this morning. No oil showed on the dip stick. I walked over to Steve's to see if I could borrow the pick-up ... the Jimmy was broke down in the driveway, so couldn't get to the pick-up! So, I walked to the Bel-Air grocery to get a couple of quarts of oil & hope that was the problem. ($5/quart!!!!!) Put 1.5 quarts in & the car started right up! WTF! I know that couldn't have been the whole problem. But, it ran fine to go to Dixon to service a store & come home. Steve just left. He worked on the Jimmy all day to get it running (he actually has a driver's license now!!) He checked the car & couldn't find where it is leaking oil from. But, he brought me some more oil, just in case. He said it just might have been cold, too. But, I've never had a problem starting it in cold weather. We'll see if it keeps running through the week, though. I have a lot of stores to do this week & working with Viola (manager) on Thurs. So, hopefully, I won't be resorting to the bus, yet!

My back is killing me from that long walk in the wind this morning.

Just took pics of all my mom's decorations. Most of this is just the stuff we've collected in the past 2 years that we've lived here! We didn't even pull anything out of the Christmas barrels to decorate. Maybe next year.

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