Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Forgot to mention yesterday. I got 2 of the gifts that I bought/won & also got a cool vest that I won on Listia. Doing a load of laundry this morning. I want to wear the vest.

Need to eat now & do some exercises before I go to help Diane with one of her stores.

Got done with Diane's store about noon. She's nice, but talkative. Will help her again on Friday.

Received a bunch of stuff in the mail that I'd won. The diaper bag kit, 16GB memory stick (just scanned it and it works great), power cord replacement for my laptop, & some craft patterns! And, I sent in a claim for a credit refund on Listia for the 2 GB Sandisk that never arrived & the seller has made no communication at all. Hate that. But, I want my nearly 900 credits back!

Going out to work in the yard now!

Cut back the trumpet vine & cut all the dead stuff off of the passion vine. Wind started to come up, so had to stop. I'll re-tie the remaining passion vines tomorrow.

Ah, this sucks. On eBay, it reads that I should receive my juicer today! On the FedEx site, the tracking number says Friday! :( I want my juicer ...

OMG. I just found out there are Criminal Minds novels. Must get them! Eventually.

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