Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Decided not to work today. But, have to go to WalMart & drop off a couple of Rx for my mom. Then go to BelAir for a couple of lemons ... wish they had organic ... hmmm. Might go check out the new Quick & Fresh Market first and see what they have.

When I get back, I'm going to work on my store.

I stopped at the Quick & Fresh ( I like it! It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall type of place, but they were packed with local goods. I will be going back often! I just got 3 lemons today (only .35c each!,) since I have no money. But, will be getting a lot of produce there in the future (especially when I start juicing!) They had some cool heirlooms. WHITE sweet potatoes. I'd never seen those before! And, local honey! Asked if they ever have raw almonds or pastured eggs. They haven't found a source for raw almonds and looking into a different egg farmer than they carry right now (he didn't know if they were pastured & the egg cartons are styrofoam, so not interested in those.) Didn't look at the milk products (although I did see goat cheese,) but will look closer next visit. I am happy with this find! They are owned by the local food bank, so I just started following them on Twitter. I did not know anything about their Moveable Market & other programs. Interesting stuff!

QuinGem's Creations & Collectibles has been updated ... finally ...
I've made the list of links easier to follow & added the newest shop first on the list (new designs there!,) as well as my new foodie blog in the last link. There will be a new featured item at the end of the page every week, so check back when you can!
By this summer, there will be a few direct-from-home sales of some of my home-made crafts listed on the site as well (once I get the cart figured out ...)
Thanks for looking!!

Got all the weeds pulled under the gas meters and trimmed the ornamental grass. Made nut milk, toothpaste and did a load of laundry & most of my exercises today! All done. Just going to play online now. Read fanfic and shop on Listia.

Nikky has been driving me crazy with her whining and barking. Martin, next-door, is tearing out his rotten porch & re-modeling it. So there is hammering and other noises that are scaring her.

I found yet another cool site I am going to start selling things off of within a couple of months. Will be great for crafters! My designs on all-cotton fabric! I need to adjust a few of my graphics to look right on it, but that's easy. Just time-consuming. I'll actually be selling some of it in my Bonanza shop in limited amounts, too. Still working some of the details out.

Made a yummy pasta dinner which I'm putting on the food blog right now.

Ooh. Fun. I just found a #seedchat on Twitter. Interesting conversations!

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