Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

I'm annoyed. Had a winner on Listia for an auction that is NOT free shipping & clearly states that I accept PayPal ... she does not have PayPal & wants to send me cash. I hate when people do that! Idiots. I'm tempted to just reverse the auction & put the item in my Bonanza shop to sell.

Plus, I don't feel good right now, so not going to work ... but I do have to go pick up my mom's damn Rx.

OMG! I got the Gubler Flu t-shirt in the mail! And, a Gublerland sticker! Sweeet! Can't wait until Matthew does the next design run! Even my mom thought the design was cute!
I also got a juicing book from Paperback Swap.

Went back to Quick & Fresh Market & got some local meat & veggies. Going to have lamb shoulder chops & white sweet potatoes for dinner. Yum.

Highlander series marathon is on SyFy! Wonder when it started. I miss this show!

What do I want for lunch ...

Just bought some astragalus extract on eBay. Been out for a few days. So glad I have money in my PayPal account to get it. I'm playing the waiting game for my oil check again ...

Just not in the mood to do anything today ... I did find some instructions for making banana chips that I've been wanting to do lately. I finished the last of my store-bought banana chips the other night. Need more, but not going to buy them. Guess I'll go cut up a banana and experiment now.

My juicer arrived!!!!! YYYYYAAAAYYYY! ;) Let the juicing commence ... tomorrow ... after everything is washed. There are tiny little styrofoam fragments everywhere from the packaging ... yuck. It came with 2 Jack LaLanne juicing books packed with recipes, too! My mom's is browsing them now. She's actually excited about this.

I have a banana dehydrating. If the chips turn out right, I'll make it again this weekend for the food blog, with pictures. 

I am amazed that someone was hired to do the yard of the empty trailer next door. NO one has done anything back there in MONTHS. Looked awful. Maybe they are serious about selling the place now or something ...

Have a sore in my mouth. Have to figure out what it's from. Might be one of the teas or cacao powder or cacao nibs. The only things I've had that possibly have caffeine in them ... hmmmm. Will have to experiment.

Closing up for the night. Tired ... after doing almost nothing today ... have to work tomorrow. Helping Diane again. But, only for a couple of hours.

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