Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Well, I woke up to the smell of burned wiring. My mom killed her percolator ...

My oil check arrived!! Gotta go to the bank in a bit before I start on the doves.

Got money back in my bank accounts. Bought more discounted bananas and a couple apples. Made a yummy kiwi/apple juice for lunch. I am stuffed! Amazing how filling real juice can be. I'd forgotten that. Doves are done. Wish I'd taken the camera in there with me. The 3 of them hung out ON the loveseat while I cleaned their cage and vacuumed the room. They were so cute on there. And, of course pooped a lot on there. So had to clean it, too!

Going to do some exercises & then work in the yard for a bit.

I am woooorn out. Been digging in the dirt, pulling weeds. HATE Bermuda grass or crab grass or whatever it is. So many roots and creepers.

Glee marathon on Oxygen channel!

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